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how much enema i can give to my cat my vet. approved the ...

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how much enema i can give to my cat? my vet. approved the home enema to him. it has been working for the last 2months. but the last 3 days. it's not working. i gave him 3X12ml pet enema and 60cc warm water + Keyjerry thing. not working. how much more is ok for today?

I wouldn't give him anymore tonight. I would however offer him canned food with mineral oil and give him a large dose of hairball remedy. It may be time to consider stronger medications like cisapride and lactulose for your boy. Does he suffer from megacolon? Is he currently on medications? We don't normal go past three in a day as this can cause some irritation to his anus and colon. Let him rest, maybe he will pass some stool tonight. Please include as much detailed information as you can so that I can try to assist you further with his issues. Include age, weight, how long he has had problems, current health conditions, type of diet, medications he is currently taking, and all avenues tried.

Thank you


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Theresa's Post: He is 19yrs old. He eats WD from Sience Diet, which contains low magnecium. He seems to be tired not talking much, since we walked and talked, he got massaged on his stomach and tried to go to bath room 4 times together.

My vet has not tested any further on this constipation, since we belive it's not kind to give him surgery at such a late state in his life.

I will call my vet tomorrow morning. When I have spoken to her this afternoon, she asked me to bring him to the vet tomorrow, if he will not be able to pass anything today.

I wanted to avoid that, since going to vet is very very stressful. For him, getting enema from me is totally fine. He even started to ask for it, by meowing right next to his litter box.

I will not give him any enema tonight and let him take some rest.

If he was your cat, would you give him next step treatments? If so, the medications you mentioned?? How much more you would give him at his age?

But, other than his enema, he is very happy, active and talktive. So, it's hard for us to let him go as well.

thank you so much,

Motoko Katayama
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
He is not taking any medication, but he is taking lactulose Solution USP 3ml per day. Other than that, his health is very good. I forgot his latest weight, but my vet said his weight is good for his size. (Before, he was over weight.)

He has this condition for the last 3 days. He has been taking enema from me for the last 2 months. I report his condition to his vet regulary.

The reason why it is necessary after multiple enemas to take him to the vet is because it is very likely something else is going on and the constipation may be occurring secondarily to it. Another problem we may be having here is a urinary tract issue. It is very difficult to differentiate between the two, so be sure that he is able to pass urine. This is very important. Issues that cause constipation are kidney disease, chronic dehydration, and diabetes along with megacolon. It would really be helpful to know the status of his bloodwork things can change drastically in a matter of months so something more recent is ideal. If it were my cat, yes I would want to treat him so that he can be comfortable, this cannot be comfortable for him. If his health is as good as you say it is he could still be around for another couple years, maybe even make records but we won't know that until he is evaluated. However, if he is eating do increase the liquid in the food. You can add chicken broth to the dry, offer him the canned version only, or supplement his water with the chicken broth aswell. Try anything to get him to take in more fluids. You might also want to consider adding another 1/2 ml of the lactulose tonight to help move things along or just go with the hairball remedy.


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Theresa's Post: Oh, he had a blood work 2 months ago, and he was told that his health is very good. No problem at all.

I give him human milk, since I know it will cause dierria for cats. But, it has been not working at all. He gets milk for the last 2 month only and 4 table spoons a day.

Yes, I will call the vet tomorrow and most likely I will take him to the vet.

He is peeing regulary. Since he is a indoor cat, I can check closely. When he goes out, we always walk together. So, I can see how much he is peeing or pooping.

Thank you,


Good, I feel better knowing that he is urinating. But as I had mentioned bloodwork can change dramatically. I would recommend having this rechecked and also having a urinalysis checked. Kidney failure doesn't even show up in bloodwork until there is already 70% damage done. It does however show up in the urine before this. To verify that he is in fact constipated the vets may want to xray his abdomen first if they cannot clearly feel compacted stool. I sure hope he starts feeling better soon. Please do keep me updated on his visit tomorrow.


Hello, I was inquiring about your boys veterinary visit? How is he doing? Did he have a BM last night?

Thank you


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
He went to his vet today. They did X-ray, Blood Work and gave him IV fluid. They found his stomach was empty and contains gas only. But, I kept asking if so, why the liquid enema didn't come out even a bit. The vet said that's because he was dihidrated and his colon was absorbing the liquid....?? Can he hold enema? He had been always pass some of the enema right away, since he couldn't hold it so long.

His apetite gone down. The vet gave us Hill's prescription diet a/d. But, he didn't eat it, rather he ate his usual canned cat tuna food. But, he ate only two table spoon worth of it.

I wonder if I can give him cat milk?

The blood work was fine, no illness found. X-ray showed no cancer or any bumps.

Then his appetite has been decreased for a while. I wish they would have performed a urinalysis on him as this can tell us if early renal disease is present. Especially since he is dehydrated. It would make sense that the enema didn't come right back out if his intestines were empty to begin with so your doctors thoughts sound appropriate. My concern is why the decrease in appetite, hence little to no production of stool. There is no problem with giving him cat milk. I really would like to see him eat and pass stool though it may take a day or two since he is empty. At this point allow him to eat anything including boiled chicken, jarred baby food, deli meats, scrambled egg, other canned cat foods etc. Remember to try to keep up the fluid intake. Chicken broth is one way to do it. You may end up having to force feed him if he stops eating altogether so I would ask your vet for a feeding syringe to have on hand just in case. If his appetite continues to decline please have the vet check his urine to see if he is concentrating it well. What happens in early renal disease is all the fluids from the body are used to flush toxins from the bloodstream, a pet will normally drink more and urinate more, but they also become dehydrated and this too is what causes the constipation as the fluids from the intestines are also used to flush toxins resulting in dry stool. Kidney failure shows up in urine first before it shows up in blood work so do keep this in the back of your mind.

Thank you


Customer: replied 10 years ago.
He dosen't drink much either, even when I brought his water dish.

I will try to feed him and give him chicken broth & cat milk. I think his time is up now. I don't feel it's his best interest to keep going back to his vet, since we can't do much to pro-long his life....

I feel much better to hear that it was ok that enema didn't come right back....

19 years....

Here is his pictures, if you are curious about him. I am the one with the purple dress and he looks a bit fat back then....

thank you,


Okay, I understand about not wanting to take him back to the vet and if you aren't then feed him whatever he wants. Baby foods seem to go over quite well. You can try to catch a urine sample on your own to take to the vet so that he doesn't have to go. It would be great to find out that it is early renal disease or a urinary tract infection so that he could be made more comfortable, but I do understand.

Thanks for sending the pic. What a cutie... the cat that is.


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