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How do i get my cat to stop being scared of me

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I just got this cat from a friend of mine and he is still unfamiliar with his surroundings. Every time i pick him up he's just looking for ways to get away. I place him on my bed and his fav spot is under the bed and in the farthest corner. How can ibecome familiar with him?

How long do you have the cat?

Do you know how old he is?

Is he eating, drinking and using the litterbox?

Thanks for any additional details!

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Jessesmom's Post: Well i have him now for a couple of not sure exactly how old he is my friend doesnt either, and he barely eats i dont think he drinks and does use the litter box

It's very common for cats to act like this in new surroundings. He's scared and you have to give him his space. Don't try to pick him up. Just make sure he can't get stuck in/under any piece of furniture or any small space in your house if he's frightened. Give him his space and just keep the food and water available and litterbox, NOT near the food/water.

Get a product called Feliway in Petsmart or online; this should help calm him--it gives off an essence like an air freshener but humans can't smell it. It's a cat appeasing pheromone and you can spray it or plug it into an electrical outlet. For more information:

Try very slightly warming some canned cat food (not in the can) in the microwave; the aroma should lure him out and stimulate his appetite. Don't hover around him, don't stand there while he eats--just let him get familiar with your place. Keep saying his name over and over in a gentle voice and just 'talk' to him, telling him this is his new home, you love him, he's safe here, etc. Get him some cat-safe toys at the pet supply store and put them on the floor. Also get him a cat bed or make one out of a cardboard box lined with towels or a folded over blanket (no fuzzy materials).

If you're sure he's not eating, drinking, eliminating, get him to the vet in a carrier, immediately. Cats can get sick if they don't eat for a very short time!

Good luck!

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