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Cher, Feline Specialist
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Feline Healthcare & Behavior Specialist 40+ years Experience
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my cat is pooping in the wrong place

Customer Question

I recently moved to a smaller place and brought my cat with. I began to have really bad allergies so I had to take her back home to my parents but now she has begun to use the floor as her litterbox at their house. she has to share a littlerbox with another cat there. should i get her a seperate litter box? I am desperate i can't have her with me but they don't want her if she is going to keep having accidents in the house. it's always in the same spot too. please help me I am desperate.!!!!
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 11 years ago.

It sounds as if the recent and major changes in your cat's environment, have caused her stress and anxiety and that's why she's defecating inappropriately. Yes, I would definitely get her a separate litterbox as this might help the situation.

A product that should help in this situation is 'FELIWAY'. This is a cat appeasing pheromone used to calm stressed cats and curb inappropriate elimination and marking. It's available in spray and plug-in diffuser form. The diffuser resembles a plug-in air freshener, yet has no scent to humans. Feliway is available at Petsmart, other pet supply stores, online, and some vets carry it. For more information and a picture, please see:

Another product, a kitty litter called 'Cat Attract', may help your furry girl start to defecate in the litterbox again. This litter contains herbal attractants which encourages use of the box. This product is also sold in Petsmart/Petco, etc.

If she's doing this in the same spot, that spot must be cleaned with an enzymatic cleaner to remove pet stains and odors. A good product for this is Nature's Miracle, also available in pet supply stores or online. It's good to use on any water-safe surfaces.

I hope you're able to resolve this problem soon!