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I think my cat has a broken leg because he is limping and ...

Resolved Question:

I think my cat has a broken leg because he is limping and it's swollen the size of two legs. He is in good spirits and it's not really crooked. He has begun to lick at it and it looks like puss is coming out so I assume it's infected. Can I give him some amoxicillin that the vet gave me for an old injury he had? I have 11 tablets left and do you think that will help? I do not have any money to take him to the vet.
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 10 years ago.
Hi Kelly,

If you suspect your cat may have a broken leg, and/or a wound which is infected, he really needs to see a vet immediately. If your vet is closed today, he should be taken to a vet ER center nearby, or another local vet who has emergency hours.

What strength is the amoxicillin tablets you have and what was the dosage he took last time? What was the old injury for which he was treated with the amoxicillin? How old is the medication?

Here is a list of organizations which may help you find a lower-cost vet or one who might not charge you to see him, if you have extenuating circumstances:

and this one contains links to other sites:

It's very important that you have him seen right away, because if he does have broken bones in his leg, not only is he in pain (cats are masters of disguise when it comes to hiding pain), but the bones will not heal correctly and he will have a permanent limp which may cause pain for the rest of his life.

I hope you're able to find a vet who will help you out, because it's really important. You can even ask to pay out the fee in installments, so you don't have to pay it all at once, at the time he's seen.

Good luck and I hope his leg is treated properly so he can walk normally again and not have any pain!

Cher and other Cat Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Jessesmom's Post: The tablets are 100mg and from July 2003. They were for an infection he had on his chin from a catfight. If I took him to the vet it would be Tuesday after payday and he has been injured since Thursday last week. Ugh! Thanks for your help. I just know that every time I go to the doc they say "yup, it's broken and stay off it" then charge me an arm and leg for it.
Expert:  Cher replied 10 years ago.
Hi again, Kelly, and thank you very much for your 'accept'!

If the medication is from 2003, it will have lost it's efficacy, so don't use it.

Because you're not only dealing with broken bones here, but an infected wound, too, that's why I think it's so important he be seen, ASAP. It's possible for them to set the bone and put on a cast or ace bandage to keep it immobile. I can fully understand your frustration! A cat can't really 'stay off' a leg voluntarily!

Try to call some of the organizations I sent you the websites for, and maybe you'll be able to see a good vet who won't charge you an arm and a leg. Usually, your local Humane Society and/or ASPCA and the people who have cats for adoption in Petsmart, etc., can recommend you to a lower cost vet who THEY use all the time. If you tell them you're in a financial bind, ask what break they can give you re: the never hurts to ask. Also, if you can, try to borrow some money from friends, relatives, etc., so he might be seen before Tues., and then you can pay them back.

Care Credit is a credit card for vet visits, and if you qualify, that might help you pay it out over time, like a regular credit card.

I hope he'll be fine, and please keep me posted! Thanks!

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Jessesmom's Post: Thanks! I am taking him right now. Jackson thanks you too!
Expert:  Cher replied 10 years ago.
Oh, that's GREAT! : )

Healing purrs to Jackson, and let me know how he's progressing!

Customer: replied 10 years ago.
Reply to Jessesmom's Post: Hi Cher,
Jackson didn't have a broken leg. It was probably a bite from a fight that was infected. They gave me the same pills as I had and sent me out the door with $70 dollars less in my bank account. I think you should learn a little more before you give advice here. You probably should have asked me to move it around and feel it just like the vet did. She knew right at first glance that it wasn't broken. Anyway, I'm not trying to sound rude to you because you were nice enough to respond to me. I cleaned it and pushed on it to drain the infected area as instructed by the vet. This should be posted for others to read. The vet said it was probably a bite and ofter later they become infected and once they start to drain the swelling will go down and they will feel better. It's common for cats to have these swellings from infected bites resulting from cat fights and it's rare that cats get broken legs.
Expert:  Cher replied 10 years ago.
Hello Kelly,

I'm very glad to hear that Jackson didn't have a broken leg!

Thank you for your 'accept' and constructive criticism. I provided you with the best answer I could under the circumstances, and based upon your description of the problem. Not being a veterinarian, and not being able to assess his wound in person, I would never ask you to move his leg around, if a broken leg was suspected. This would have done him more harm than good. You did the best thing for Jackson, in bringing him to the vet to be evaluated! As I mentioned, antibiotics expire, and I could not advise you to give him expired medication. You received a proper diagnosis and fresh medication, so you did the best thing for your furbaby!

Perhaps you could help Jackson become an indoor-only cat; that way, he won't have as great a chance to be injured by other cats while fighting.

I hope he's feeling much better, now that he's on the medication and healing!