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What to do when a kitten has a hard time pooping

Resolved Question:

My kitten is about 8 weeks old and is having a hard time pushing out poop and cries a lot. When it does come out, it's dark brown in color and a little sticky.   Also his poop doens't look like a tootsie roll, it's more like a rabbit terd, round in shape. My kitten was constipated. I took him to a vet and she helped him out. Seemed he had ate clay litter since his poop was gray and hard. I don't know how long he was constipated, since my dad got him that way. He could have been constipated for at least two weeks? I've been feeding him Iam's kitten formula can food and he has been drinking water. He does run around and play. He also likes to purr. What else could be wrong with him or what could I do?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Cher replied 11 years ago.

What did the vet do for him when you brought him for the constipation problem, and how long ago was this?

Did the vet give you any advice on how to help this problem at the time he was seen?

When was the last time your kitten had a bowel movement?

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Jessesmom's Post: Hello,

Thanks for taking my question. I brought him to the vet a little over a week ago. The vet gave him a fecal test and came back negative. She gave me some medicine just in case he had worms they couldn't see or worm eggs. She told me to feed him the can food until his poop looks normal than feed him moistened dry food. She also told me to feed him some hairball remedy to get his bowels moving. He does have bowel movement everyday, it's just hard for him to push the poop out. It'll take a few hours or so just to get one little poop out. Thanks again.
Expert:  Cher replied 11 years ago.
You're very welcome, and thanks for your additional and helpful information!

I would keep him on the canned food until he's older and his b.m.s are occurring more normally. Most dry foods have a lot of 'fillers' which can cause constipation, if the kitten's system is working as you described.

Have you been giving him the hairball remedy daily? If so, which one and how much? If it's Petromalt or Laxatone, put a 1 inch strip on his front leg, down near his paw, and he'll lick it off. Do this every day.

You can add 1/4 teaspoon mineral oil to his canned food twice a week, and also add 1/2 teaspoon of plain canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie filling) to his canned food 3 times a week. He may have been born with a problem in his intestines/bowels, which is causing this problem pushing the stool out, and also causing it to be hard, dry and painful. As long as he's 'producing' every day, that's good, but you do want to help soften his stool to make it easier for him to get out and have him not injure himself.

Keep him on the canned food for now, as I mentioned, and make sure he's drinking sufficiently. The more 'moisture' in his system, the better!

Please keep me posted on how he's doing. Thanks!

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