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Lori, Feline Healthcare
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Experience:  16 yrs health care mgmt & issues relating to cats, reproductive issues and multicat environments
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How long does it take for dewormer to work, my kitten

Customer Question

How long does it take for dewormer to work, my kitten was pooping a little blood at the end of his duty. Well he acts completley healthy, other then the pooping. But he does meow alot just before he goes potty but does not strain. Well I gave him some dewormer and it has been 2 days but I just noticed blood in his poop right now again .
Submitted: 10 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Tammy replied 10 years ago.


Thank you for sending your question to Just Answer!

The wormer is working over these next few days to rid your kitten of parasites. Hopefully, you kitten is at least 12 weeks old, as wormers are very harsh for kittens that are younger. A small amount of blood in the stool is not something to be alarmed about, but if it persists or increases, I would strongly suggest that you have your vet look at your kitten as soon as possible.

I hope this helps. If you need further information, please feel free to contact me.

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Expert:  Lori replied 10 years ago.

If you are still seeing blood and no evidence if worms in your kitten's stool two days after deworming, then the problem isn't worms. Your kitten probably has a protazoan infection called coccidia or one of the other parasites that can infect our pet's digestive systems. Giardia, camphylobacter, and clostridium are the other most common. Since the dewormer did not take care of the problem, you need to take your kitten into the vet so they can get a fecal sample from him. Some of the infections above only show up if the stool is VERY fresh - minutes old in many cases, and your vet can use a fecal loop to get a tiny amount from your kitten without hurting him. Most likely, he will prescribe flagyl or possbly albon to clear up the problem for a week or 2. Your kitten will foam at the mouth and gag most likely from the medication because it tastes terrible, but it will clear up the problem. Make sure you follow the vet's instructions and use it for the fully prescribed period of time to ensure the problem is completely clear. It's just as if you were taking antibiotics for an infection yourself. Good luck with your baby!