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Raw sores on my cats face

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I have two female indoor cats. One 7 and one 4. The younger one is having some sort of strange skin condition. It started a couple of weeks ago on her neck and I just thought she hurt herself. I soaked it in warm water and good salt everyday and it healed up. Then she got another "wound" above her eye. It started out looking like an ingrown hair and just as I was beginning to wonder if this was how the original started out, it quickly became a sore about and inch in size just like the original "wound". Now that is healing. Now within the last 2 days she has 3 more! WIth her wiping and itching them, it's raw and the fur is gone.   She looks aweful! All are on her face and now the inner corners of her eyes are swollen and scabby. She is not acting ill otherwise. Still eating still energetic. She lets me tend to her but I am certain there is a bigger problem going on. My older cat , however is not affected.

Also for some reason she has always licked everything, ever since she was a kitten. Walls, chairs, lamps, feet anything. Perhaps she licked something toxic?

I am aware this could be an allergy but is there any other life threatening condition that could make her have scabby sores all over her face and neck. FYI there is a bit of inflammation under the sores. Nor sure if it's from her trying to itch/rub them.

I can't get her to the vet until Friday, or I guess if needed I can take her to an emergency clinic.

Any ideas?

Chicago, IL
This could be related to mange if they are scabby sores but if your other cat is showing no signs then this could be related as you are thinking to allergies or a possible skin related infection that would require antibiotics. You should watch for any discharge from the eyes that would possible mean conjunctivitis as this will cause the problem you are seeing in her eyes but does not usually spread to the facial area. You need to keep Neosporin on them and make sure and have her seen Friday but if this continues to worsen with the aid of antibiotic ointment then you should have her seen sooner. Maybe your veterinarian can get you in sooner so you do not have to pay the higher fees that an emergency vet charges since a problem has arisen that signifies a need for care sooner then Friday so I would make it a point to contact them in the morning but for now apply the Neosporin, try to keep her from scratching, and also flush her eyes with a warm saline solution which will help as well.
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Cheryl K.'s Post: Thanks for your help. I will try to see if I can get in to the vet sooner. If not what do you think about putting some hydrocordisone(sp?) on her sores. I am thinking it's not mange, she's an inside cat and my other cat would most like display symptoms, right. I haven't tried Neosporin yet. I will. I have been putting peroxide and soaking them in sea salts daily which seems like it would have killed any bacteria on the outside. I think this is coming form her insides. What about a parasite? Would that manifest in this manner, ie: sores and scabbs. FYI the problem with her eyes is the most recent development in her saga.

Can the vet take a culture to be sure what this is?

Thanks again. I have read your other posts and was hoping you would be the "expert" that would respond to me.
You are so very welcome and yes they can do a skin scraping test to determine the exact cause of the outbreak you are seeing. I agree your other cat would most likely show symptoms if this was indeed mange. The hydrocortisone will help as well as the Neosporin and then then they will be able to tell from the skin scraping if this is infection, allergy, or a parasite issue so that is your very best bet to determining the cause and best possible route to heal the sores before they do cause further infection but the Neosporin and hydrocortisone cream will help until you can have her seen and if you let them know how bad it is getting I am sure they will work her in sooner. I appreciate your compliment on hoping I would be the expert who replied and always feel free to request me for any problems you mau have in the future.
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