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how many rows of whiskers does a cat have

Customer Question

how many rows of whiskers does a cat have
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Michael replied 11 years ago.
this appears to be a subject with conflicting answers...

this link: says "Cats usually have 24 whiskers, twelve (2 rows of 6) on each side of it's face", which totally contradicts my visual inpspection of some of my cats, who appear to have 4 rows of whiskers (said row being horizontal when viewed with the cat bolding its head in a looking forward position)

considering the nature of written articles anywhere, I am going to believe what my eyes are seeing as I hold the cat in my arms.

the total number of whiskers will vary with each specific cat. as a note, whiskers are not just hairs, they are very important sensory receptors which give the cat information about the location of objects around it, for example as a cat goes through a small opening, the whiskers will give the cat data as to if it will actually be able to pass through the opening. obviously this is a learned trait, as before it gets stuck in a too small of space it will not know its to small for passage.