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Gina, Animal Care Specialist
Category: Cat
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My dog has been getting sick occasionally at night.

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My dog has been getting sick occasionally at night. She becomes very restless and continually jumps on and off the bed. She won't sit still. She also goes to the bathroom in the house (probably because I'm too tired to get up and take her out in the middle of the night), though she usually sleeps through the night. She also has bad gas during this time. Tonight she was shivering (keep in mind she is a chihuahua) and panting a the same time. This happens a couple nights a week lately, but during the day she seems ok. Do you know what this may be?


I have a few questions so I can help you figure out what is going on with your little girl. :)

Can you tell me what food she eats..including any tablescraps?

How many times per day does she eat?

Is she spayed?

How old?

Does she urinate or deficate in the house?

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Gina's Post: She is 5 years old, and yes she is spayed. She typically does not go to the bathroom in the house, though we recently got a new dog and she has had a few accidents since. She eats a dry/wet food mix once a day at night, and we usually give her some table scraps as well.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Rob...thanks for responding.

The digestive upset (gas) is probably being caused by the tablescraps, so try to limit them as much as possible. Many dogs will regress on thier bathroom habits when a new dog enters the picture, so just be consistant with her and her bathroom breaks.

I would like you to try something, and I think this is where the problem is stemming from. Try splitting up her meals into atleast 2 meals per day of a high quality dog food like Eagle Pack brand food. This is a wonderful, highly digestable diet. You can read about it here:

By splitting up the meals, it will slow her eating down, cause less gas, and the higher quality food will help her maintain better functions in the GI tract. The shivering and panting can be a few different things...pain, stomach upset and hypoglycemia come to mind. By feeding 2 x per day, this should relieve stomach upset and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

Good luck and hope she feels better soon :)

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