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My dog swallowed Chlorine Tablets from the pool 3 days ago, ...

Resolved Question:

My dog swallowed Chlorine Tablets from the pool 3 days ago, she went to emergency and they gave her charcoal to absorb the clorine, along with injections to keep her from vomiting.

She still will not eat anything, nor has any life and energy. She is still drooling horribly.

My question is this, is there hope for her or is she going to continue to suffer? Do I take her back to the vet or when do I know when to put her down so she no longer suffers?
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  NancyH replied 11 years ago.
You should definitely call the vet about her current status and see if they want to see her again.
If she is able to drink and keep down fluids you may want to see if she will take some plain pedialyte, chicken or beef broth (you can boil hamburger or chicken and make your own), and you can see if some NutriCal, a sticky supplement from the pet supply store, will be swallowed if you place that right in her mouth.
If she is not drinking you need to get her to a vet to be hydrated. For at home you can try dripping fluids in her mouth using a sports bottle.
If she inhaled any of the tablets or dust from them her lungs could be damaged too.
I would for sure consult with your vet today to see what progress can be expected, what supportive care might be needed and if your dog is damaged beyond recovery or not.
You may find if they rehydrate her, and offer more meds for internal coating and repair that she could recover but an in person vet analysis on that is your best bet for choosing the kindest course.
I hope all goes well and they can help her more!
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