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Animal Eyes, Veterinary Technician
Category: Cat
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Experience:  25 years working, treating and loving small and exotic big cats, 5 yrs as an animal control officer
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how do i care for an injured seagull

Customer Question

a seagul flew into our wall and now is having trouble flying
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Animal Eyes replied 11 years ago.
You might want to contact your vet. They may have a listing for rehabbers in your area that can help you. He may have broken the wing or hopefully just has some bruising that will reside. If it is broken the rehabber may be able to get it somewhere to have it repaired, but this is what you can do until you are able to contact someone. If you can get some minnows you can feed him this. First you need to try just putting them in a bowl of water and see if the bird will eat on its own. If not then you will have to force feed it some. Be careful of the beak, although it is slightly rounded they will still try to peck at your face with it,so get control of it first. You will probably need another set of hands to help with the force feeding. Towel wrap the bird like a burrito so it can't flap all over the place then open the beak, you want to slide the fish down the side of the throat, this way you should be able to miss the trachea. You can see it in the center of the mouth, its a little hole in the middle.