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Feeding Cooked lunch meat ham to my cat

Resolved Question:

I have a 6 year old in door cat that has decided not to eat. This has been going on now , off and
on for the past 9 months.    Blood tests showed a Thyroid problem. Vet has my cat
on Methimazole 5 mg once a day.   Solved the Thyroid problem, but she still will not eat
at times for a couple of days.   I was told that I should not give her any Ham.   That it might kill her.    This is the one food that she will eat. " Land 'O' Frost " Premium - Lean
sliced lunch meat Ham.     Please advise.   I have always given her 2 kinds of soft cat food, and 1 kind of solid cat food so she would have a choice.   Now after eating those
foods for several years, it's hard to find anything that she will eat.    Always begging for
something to eat, untill I get her cat food out for her. Then she just walks away.
She has lost some weight, but is very active.    Did have some bad hairballs a couple
months ago that she finally passed.    Vet wants me to bring her back for more blood
tests.    I just don't have a money tree.   Bill is now over $500 with no end in sight.
Any sugestions will be helpfull.             Thank you,   Mel in Colorado
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Terri replied 11 years ago.

Dear Mel,

how are her teeth and gums?

what is the name of the cat foods you have tried?

is she over or underweight?

Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Terri Riba's Post: My Cat's teeth and Gums are fine, vet checked
that a couple months ago and each visit.

Foods tried.   5 years on Special Kitty, Wal-mart
brand- solid hard food, Gourmet Blend and "9Lives"
Tuna- soft food.   Tried again and she will eat sometimes, Special Kitty soft, several flavors.
Friskies soft, several flavors. Solid Hard foods,
Will not eat Hill's Science Diet adult original.
Will eat sometimes "meow mix" seafood medlley.
Most of the above foods she will eat for a couple
of meals and then not again for a month or so.
Sometimes for 3 or 4 days, she will eat the foods
she ate for the first 5 years of her life, and then stop.   Can't get her to eat them again for
a couple of weeks or more. This problem has been
going on for about 9 months now. By switching to
somthing else, I have been able to get her to eat
a little, most of the time.
The local vet sugested "Hill's soft food, Precription Diet - a/d. Just tried that tonight
after she has not eaten any cat food for 2 days.
She ate well this first meal.   It's after 2 or 3 meals, that she doesn't want any more of a food.
For a few days the only thing she would eat was the sliced cooked Ham lunch meat or sliced Turkey
lunch meat.   I am sure the Ham has too much salt
for her, but She would not eat anything else, even though she was begging for food. Then for a few
meals I would get her to eat her cat foods.

She is a little under weight at 6 lbs. Does have
a big build. Not a small cat.
She is very active, and likes to chase another
house cat we have.
She is a short hair cat, but has lots of hairball
problems. I give her "8in1" Hairball Remedy a
couple of times a week. She does have vomiting
aprox. 1 time a week and is able to get rid of the
hairball. Couple of months ago had constipation
Finally did pass a large hairball.

Got her Thyroid Med refilled today, and will continue giving her that.   Didn't seem to help
her eating very much.
Thats about all I can think of. Hope this helps
Expert:  Terri replied 11 years ago.

Dear Mel,

Please stand by while I type detailed answer.



Expert:  Terri replied 11 years ago.

Dear Mel,

Most cats enjoy a varied diet. They get very bored eating same thing every day just like we would and they seem to know just what their nutritional needs are.

PLEASE do not feed your cat any more lunchmeat. I know that you just want her to eat but the salt and additives in these products are very harmful. A/D is an excellent food, I give it to my own cat - he loves it but he will not eat is every day. The answer to this problem is to stock up on several different flavors of cannned food and vary her diet at every feeding with a different one so she does not get bored by one.Make sure she is hydrated with plain pedilayte because if she is dehydrated she will not eat. You can also try adding a little water to the canned foood because if she has any dental pain it will result in lack of motivation.I would certainly try this before I spent any more time and money testing.

Please let me know how it is working out and if you have more questions. I will be happy to help in any way possible.

Very sincerely,


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