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GenB, Retired Veterinary Technician
Category: Cat
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Experience:  Kitten, Adult, Geriatric Cat Care Specialist/ B.A. Neurophysiology & Animal Behavior/ Plain English!
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My cat is walking around holding his head down! Lumbering like a bear!

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A male exotic that's is on urine acidifier for years! I lost his brother to this last year! He is 11 years old! Can't pick up his head! Afraid of noises!
Cats that are in kidney failure often experience a toxicity of the brain that causes them to "head press", or not be able to lift the head off the chest. This toxicity also causes their legs to function improperly. "Startling" is also a neurologic (brain) symptom.

Without examining him and running some blood tests to verify the health of his internal organs, this cannot be said with certainty.

***I do recommend that you try to find an emergency service today, or failing that, STOP the urinary acidifier for today and offer him any amount of water (or NO-SALT chicken broth) that he will take.***

The sooner he can be evaluated by a veterinarian, the sooner you get an answer and a plan for what to do.

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