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Lori, Feline Healthcare
Category: Cat
Satisfied Customers: 4131
Experience:  16 yrs health care mgmt & issues relating to cats, reproductive issues and multicat environments
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how can you tell if your cat is ready to go into labor

Customer Question

how can you tell if your cat is ready to go into labor? mine is beginning to nest.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Lori replied 11 years ago.
She will definitely look for an out of the way area to deliver--you may see a discharge from her genital area and her body temperature will drop a bit. She most likely will not eat or drink much 24 hours or so prior to delivery, which is normal. You may want to find a quiet area for her to deliver in so that she doesn't have the kittens some place that is inaccessible to you. I've found that clearing out the floor of my bedroom closet and putting in a large new, unused covered litter box (or a cat carrier) with clean paper towels in the bottom makes an excellent delivery area. I also plug in a heating pad and put it under neath the box, covering only the back half of it, so the heat comes thru the box, but mom and the kittens won't have actual contact with it. I only place it under half of the box, so mom and the kittens can move off of it if it gets too hot. Your biggest threat is chilled kittens as they do not generate any body heat for the first week. You need to make sure they are in a warm, dark, quiet area and remain pretty much undisturbed for several days after delivery. It is normal for mom to want to move the babies after a few days, so you may want to have an alternate spot available for her until the kittens are out of the nest and moving around on their own.