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How do I stop the hissing and growling . Am I or my ...

Resolved Question:

How do I stop the hissing and growling . Am I or my visitors going to be attacked . Should I use a spray bottle to direct spray them? My cats are both two years old one female and one neurtered male. They have been together for a short time. I can control the hissing and growling when the cats are doing it to each other. But when they do it to me or my visitors. It scares me. any suggestions. please help. thanking you in advance. Annette
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Christina replied 11 years ago.
Where did you get the cats and how long have you had them?
Customer: replied 11 years ago.
Reply to Christina's Post: I got Simba from a neighbor two years ago. I just received Lily from a girl at work, her daughter moved and left the cat. So I took her in. I haven't had too much trouble. I work and I am gone around 50 hrs. a week. I thought Simba needed a friend. They are both orange tabbys. I have never seen Lily act this way. A neighbor came in to remove a fish tank and Lily was hissing and growling and rubbing her head on my friends leg. I was getting very uneasy. I didn't know if we were going to be attacked or what. She seems ok now but I need to know how to handle this behavior.
Expert:  Christina replied 11 years ago.
Cats are territorial, creatures of habit, and hate big changes in their lives. Lily is trying to adjust to a new home, new friends, and a new routine. It might take a little while for her to settle in. The growling and hissing you are seeing is her way of expressing her discomfort. Same with Simba, his "territory" has been invaded and until he's sure Lily is a friend he will be a little cranky.
Best thing you can do is let everything settle down. For 2-3 weeks don't invite anyone over and don't move any furniture, you never know if one of the cats has decided this is a "safty zone" only to have it taken away. That may be what happened with the fish tank removal.
Gradually start having people come to the house and quietly interact with your kitties.
When they start hissing and growling, distract them, try toys, bubbles, treats, or even soft music. Avoid catnip right now, it excites some cats and you don't need any more drama. Also don't yell, that's always upsetting to cats. Reward calm behavior with lots of praise and affection.
Feed them at the same place and the same time every day and preferably in different rooms, so they don't think their food might be stolen by the other cat.
You are correct to be worried about getting hurt by them. It's not personal or anything, they just start getting upset and may hurt you by mistake.   Bites that break the skin deeply should be seen immediatly by a doctor, cat's have very mean germs living in their mouths that are dangerous for people.
If distracting them doesn't work and you are getting anxious that they will hurt you, leave the room. Your anxiety will make the situation worse.
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