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How often do kittens go to the bathroom. i have a six week ...

Customer Question

How often do kittens go to the bathroom. i have a six week old kitten. she went bm at like 4 pm yesterday. she has eaten and drank water, she is playing but hasnt gone to the bathroom at all. im trying to stimulate her to go but nothing is working.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Vet help replied 11 years ago.
A six week old kitten shouldn't need any stimulation to urinate and defecate. By that age she should be doing it well enough on her own. In general, cats urinate twice a day and defecate once a day. Of course it varies as every cat is an individual, but that's the most common scenario.
If she otherwise seems great, then I suspect she may not be using the litter box every time and that's why you are not finding anything. You can take her to the box and help her dig around with her front paws and give her lots of praise to encourage her to use the litter. A few brief sessions a few times a day are often all that's needed.

If she is a bit sluggish, her appetite is down, or she is vomiting, then I'd recommend having your vet check her out. A quick feel of her belly will tell him if her bladder is full or if she is constipated.