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Brooke Knox
Brooke Knox, Veterinary Technician
Category: Cat
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Experience:  10+yrs,animal health care/sick & abandoned.Mostly dogs&cats. Perform exams/sick calls & vaccs daily.
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My cat has a sinus infection. Is there any way I can ...

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My cat has a sinus infection. Is there any way I can help him to drain or bring out the "gunk" from his nose? (Is there any feline aspirator for instance?). Thank you.

HelloCustomer..unfortunatly, there really isnt a feline nasal spray or aspirator that would be helpful to you. My advice is to get your kitty to the vet and here is why...

Nasal problems manifest as a nasal discharge, this is the time when it is important to get to your veterinarian.

Nasal discharges are classified in the following catigories:

serous (clear in color), purulent (green/yellow), mucopurulent (green/yellow with mucus), or hemorrhagic (bloody).

Here is some of the causes for each category.

Serous nasal discharges can indicate upper respiratory viruses such as herpes, rhinotracheitis, calici, and chamydia.

Purulent nasal discharges include bacterial infections, fungal infections, foreign bodies, sinusitis, cleft palates, polyps, and cancer.

Mucopurulent nasal discharges include fungal infections and cancer.

Bloody nasal discharges include trauma, fistulas, platelet and bleeding disorders.

Analysis of the discharge by your DVM is usually the first step in diagnosing nasal problems along with blood testing..i.e CBC. to assess the immune and coagulation systems.

I think you should get your kitty to the vet, when an animal has any discharge coming from the usually is never a good sign. However, it can be cleared up by the vet quite easily if caught early and can still be cleared up if caught later but may require more meds. I hope this helps. I am sorry I have no home remedies for you in this case. I hope your kitty feels better soon.

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