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how long does it take for a cat to have babies and how

Customer Question

how long does it take for a cat to have babies and how long do can their birth go for?? how long does a baby kitten grow in the mother's stomach?

Optional Information:
Age: <1; Female; Breed: american long hair cat

Already Tried:
getting her to quit her matting and trying to find out if she's going to have kittens

Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Christina A.T. replied 11 years ago.
It takes between 62 and 69 days from mating for the kittens to be born. At first, it will be difficult to tell if your cat is pregnant. There is no obvious outward change although after three weeks or so, the nipples become enlarged, which may well be the first sign. She may also go through a stage of being sick occasionally. It's nothing to worry about - just a bit of morning sickness.

The female may scream as the first kitten is born, don't be alarmed this is normal especially for a first time mom. Unlike humans, some kittens are born head first and some are born feet first. Each birth will take about 15 minutes. Once the kitten is born mom should break the amniotic fluid, clean the kitten thoroughly, eat the afterbirth, and sever the umbilical cord.

The entire delivery generally takes between 2-5 hours but can last up to 12 hours. Litters are usually of between 4 and 6 kittens, although litters of just one or two kittens can be common. After all kittens are born mom will take care of her kittens and rest!

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