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Dr Andrea
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A cat with a bump on her nose

Customer Question

my cat has a bump on her nose. It's a hard bump and it looks like rough pimple. Can you tell me what it might be.
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  Dr Andrea replied 12 years ago.
How long has she had it? Is it hairless? Is it growing? Does she have a white nose with pink skin? Does she spend time outside? How old is she?
Customer: replied 12 years ago.
Reply to Andrea J Cecur DVM's Post: she is about 6,onths old and the bump is gone now but its a scab on it. Her nose is black and she is black and white,the bump had hair on it but now its hairless. Do you think it something bad and should i take her to the vet?
Expert:  Dr Andrea replied 12 years ago.
At her young age, it's unlikely it is anything serious. One possiblity is the beginnings of ringworm, which is a fungal skin disease. It can start as looking like the hair is kind of standing on end making it look like a bump, then the hair falls out, leaving a thin, flakey scab. It may get larger. It usually isn't itchy, but if she does scratch at it, it may form a regular looking scab. Examine the rest of her especially around the ears and neck for similar spots. If the one on her nose is the only one, you can rub some anti-fungal creme on it (like Micatin) just in case. If you are finding more spots , you may want to make a trip to your vet to get it looked at, because it can be contagious to you or other cats. It may also just be a scrape or scratch that is healing normally and the hair should grow back after a while. If it doesn't and another bump forms you may get it checked to make sure it isn't skin cancer (unlikely since she is so young).