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Green, bloody stools in cat.

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My 2 year old, neutered male cat has developed loose, mucus-containing stools that are bright green in color. Sometimes there are traces of blood in them. This has gone one for about two weeks now. He seems otherwise healthy and active. What could be the problem?
The problem could be internal parasites. There are worms and single-celled organisms that can cause loose, mucus stools with flecks of blood. Cats can also get colitis from sensitivity to food ingredients or additives. Also mechanical irritation from eating something rough like bones. Now the bright green color is a little more mysterious! Does he like to eat grass? Does he have any green toys that are missing? Anything else green that he may have eaten?
To investigate the parasite issue, you can take a stool sample to your vet to have it analyzed. If something is detected there is medication that can be dispensed. They might also be able to figure out where the green is coming from.
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