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My cat is sluggish and acting not well

Resolved Question:

My cat has been very sluggish the past few days, sleeping all the time and a little withdrawn. Her eyes look fine, she eats but not as much as usual. She licks h more as if she had a runny nose (which I can’t see). I just started volunteering at eh Humane Society and I’m worried I may have brought something home. Any ideas?
Submitted: 12 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  kobe hawkins replied 12 years ago.
Its possible you may have brought home an infection that another cat or animal in general may have had but cats just like humans go through viruses like humans and they pass in a matter of days. I wouold give it 24 hours and then call my vet becauseit may be something that requires oral medication. Licking the nose may be a sign of fever so I would try checking that as well. If you need anymore help feel free to ask
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