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My nursing momma cat very swollen nipples

Customer Question

My nursing cat has excessivly swollown nipples, to the point of resembling a cow’s utter! It’s clearly not usual, and the swelling seems to increase as her kittens are almost at the weaning age of eight weeks old. What might be the cause? Thanks!
Submitted: 13 years ago.
Category: Cat
Expert:  DanaDVM replied 13 years ago.
The mom will unfortunately get an engorged (swelling)appearance to her breasts as the kittens decrease the nursing, it takes some time for the mammary tissue to decrease milk production. You do need to totally remove the kittens if the occasionally nurse or they will do this indefinately.
After a week or so the tissue will go back down. If you see signs she is getting sick, take her to a vet because mastitis(infection in the mammary tissue) can be deadly. Lastly, your cat will soon go back into heat if she hasn't already. I would consider getting her spayed soon.
Good luck,