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My 7 Months budgie girl has been unbalanced like wobbling on

Customer Question

My 7 Months budgie girl has been unbalanced like wobbling on her Left foot since JUN20th. I been taking her to my vet Every week except these 2 weeks they suggested I see how she is doing because she was getting too STRESSED going to vet being picked up. She is a tiny budgie -she weighs 29 grams so I think that's NOT that bad and my Vet agrees, but I am also very STRESSED and worried because Vet does not know for sure what really happened. Gave Baytril 0.07cc for a few weeks, along with Metacam 0.05cc once every 2nd day. My budgie is Eating normally BUT can't fly because I think in MAY of this Year sometime she banged into a side table and fell. But I was watching Everytime I let her and my other 3 year old budgie fly only in the TV room and kitchen at night when they are relaxed. I DONT Understand why this is happening and my budgie she's ONLY 8 Months just a baby yet!! Vet advised to have her separate in a little cage and I feel so so GUILTY!!!
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about your bird?
Customer: My vet did General Exams did poop sample did swab, gave her Mulitple tube feedings End of JUNE. Vet is suggesting only thing to do is X-rays & a Blood test which scares me cause my budgie will get very Stressed and what if she dies??
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Bird
Expert:  DrRoyC replied 2 months ago.
Customerresponding to your questions and concerns regarding your young Budgie.
As you state in the detailed history, trauma is likely.Your avian veterinarian has done an excellent job treating the s
Expert:  DrRoyC replied 2 months ago.
Treating the initial symptoms, the tube feeding is a Life Saver.
Treating birds & many exotic species requires patience, calm, and experience. Yes going to the veterinarian is stressful for most birds and their owners. Unfortunately over 50% of all the new bird clients I see have waited too long to bring in their birds, they are in critical condition or dying when they walk thru the front door. Talk or email with your veterinarian & staff, tell them of your concerns.
Quality X-Rays are very helpful.
Budgies are so small that we can not do a lot of blood work. A CBC or Complete Blood Count is very helpful. Gram stains & fecal smears may be done, based on history & exam findings.Will monitor your response and questions. Customer
Expert:  DrRoyC replied 2 months ago.
Customerfollowing up on your birdie.