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August Abbott, CAS
August Abbott, CAS, Certified Avian Specialist
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Experience:  Cert. Avian Specialist; Int. Assoc.Animal Behavior Consult; Pet Ind. Joint Advisory Council; author
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I have a pair of 3 month old silver lace orpington chickens

Customer Question

I have a pair of 3 month old silver lace orpington chickens they are my pets. that have I have been treating for respiratory symptoms. Clear nasal discharge and sneezing one also has developed a lesion that is black above the eye brow consistent with fowl pox. I have administered 5 day course of tylan 50 injections followed by doxycycline in water for an additional 5 days and enrofloxin for 5 days but the nasal discharge has returned. Birds are eating and drinking well and putting non weight and growing but today I am concerned that they still have open mouth breathing. Wired thing is that with each course of meds they seem better for a few days then symptoms return. I am sanitizing their cage each day with bleach solution to maintain sanitary environment. I assume this is a virus that is causing CRD. But do you have any advice
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about the bird?
Customer: Only that I am applying iodine and camphor gel to the pox lesion. It has not worsened and has been present about 2 weeks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Bird
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Prior to initiating antibiotic treatment I had the birds in quarantine for one week at that time they began to exhibit sneezing nasal bubble discharge and rattling .. Rales. Since i administered the tylan The rales have not returned and they are both bright and alert. However I am concerned that the nasal discharge has reappeared and wondering how long I must render supportive care and if I should keep them on enrofloxin for an additional 5 days. Totaling 10. Days of treatment. I have been reading about mycoplasma and infectious bronchitis and there is a lot of conflicting info.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The stool looks normal and their eyes are clear. I have not seen any bubbling. There are no other symptoms
Expert:  katjadvm replied 1 year ago.

Hi this is Dr. Hill First and foremost, doxycycline and enrofloxacin are medications that are illegal to use in poultry. I know they are your pets, but we still have to follow government guidelines. Check out the FARAD website for more information. Chickens can have sinusitis that results in abscesses popping up around their eyes. Most will need to have a minor surgery to debris the abscess. Be careful with chronic medications because of creating a resistant bacteria. I will see if I can post more information on home care for you in a few hours. May be able to find some good articles.