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Sophie Knafo
Sophie Knafo, Veterinarian
Category: Bird
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Experience:  Clinical Assistant Professor at Tufts Univeristy
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I have a 7 month old pullet with a neck wound from a pecking

Customer Question

I have a 7 month old pullet with a neck wound from a pecking incident. I have cleaned it and I got the bleeding to stop. She can get to it and has been picking on her own wound. How can I cover this to prevent her from reopening the wound? I have tried everything! She is separated and in my dog crate. Otherwise she is acting normal.
JA: I'm sorry to hear that. The Veterinarian will know what to do about this bleeding. I'll connect you ASAP. Is there anything else the Veterinarian should be aware of about your bird?
Customer: No. She is healthy otherwise. She is about 7 months old, Australorp.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Bird
Expert:  Dr. Ellie replied 1 year ago.

Can you send a picture of the wound? Seeing where is it may help to devise a way to prevent her from pecking at her wound.

Expert:  Sophie Knafo replied 1 year ago.

Hi, This is Dr. Knafo. I will do everything I can to help answer your question. If you feel the wound is quiet, not bleeding, and superficial then you can take a sock and cut the ends off to create a soft open tube. Thus can be slipped over your chicanes head to cover the neck. It will likely be a bit wide, but a "waist" can be created using a loop of two of white medical or masking tape. Just make very sure its not too tight. This should hopefully cove the are, but since I can examine the wound I can't be entirely sure. If the location of the wound does not med itself to this method, OR if the wound is deep, large, has exposed tissues under the skin then it should really be seen by a vet. They will be able to close the wound if needed and at least give you an appropriate dressing, antibiotics, and pain medications. They should also be able to provide a suitable collar to prevent her from re-traumatizing the area. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I hope this was helpful to you! Take care!

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
There is no active bleeding since yesterday afternoon. This incident happened yesterday morning. I made a collar out of an Ace stretchy self adhesive bandage. I had to use a small safety pin because otherwise she could scratch it and pull at it and get it off. It is pretty raw and more than just a superficial wound. It goes to the deeper tissue below the skin. There appears to be no infection. No puss, no smell. She's eating and drinking normally. It looks significantly better today than yesterday. I have been using Vetericyn to clean, iodine, and neosporin then a gauze covered with the bandage.
She's so lonely in the house. I can section my coop and run off into 2 sections. I put this bird and the other 2 pullets that she has been with since the day I got them in April together. The larger birds are segregated away. The other 2 young birds were so happy to see her again. They all went to bed early and snuggled together. Chattering their stories to each other. I will watch her carefully tomorrow to make sure they don't get jealous of her new turtleneck. I will keep a watch on the wound and keep cleaning it daily.
Expert:  Sophie Knafo replied 1 year ago.

Hi again, it sounds like you're doing a good job keeping it clean. If you think the area is drying up and starting to heal, then you can continue as you are doing. However, be very careful about flies in the warm weather. Make sure the wound is clean and inspected at least twice a day and keep it covered so flies can't lay eggs. Maggots would be a terrible complication to an otherwise mild wound. Ideally, if she stays inside then there is less exposure to flies and the wound will stay cleaner. I'm glad that her friends are happy to see her since sometimes chickens can pick on one another when they're hurt or sick.

Expert:  Sophie Knafo replied 1 year ago.

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