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I ha ve had finches years, but two days ago I put too much

Customer Question

I ha ve had finches for ten years, but two days ago I put too much water in one of their bird baths and did not notice that an 7 year old female had not gotten out. I ran some errands and she had to have been in there for three hours. When I found here I dried her with a low heat hair dryer. She is alive but barely. I ground up food and greens and I think she ate a bit. I dripped water near her. Is she just resting from the ordeal? Can she recuperate? What should I feed her a d how often?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Bird
Expert:  Dr. Pat replied 1 year ago.

She may have become both hypothermic and very low on glucose levels.

If she will take a few drops of warm water (apply to the side of the beak, it is not water-proof), alternate with warm sugar water. Do not use honey or any kind of oil.

Your job is to keep the bird warm, safe, quiet, and confined; and to provide adequate hydration and calories.

If you haven't already, move her to a box or carrier with soft towels in the bottom, no perch, and food and water in low bowls that can be reached easily. Put the whole thing on a heating pad on low or medium. Check it frequently, no overheating allowed! Keep the unit partially covered, warm and quiet. White paper towels or white cloth towels will show the true color of the droppings. Small animal/reptile boxes are great for this purpose.
The bird, bowls and unit must be kept very clean.

Here are some helpful links:

Do not try to force food or water. Pedialyte or electrolyte replacer can help but many birds do not like them; when in doubt, plain warm water is best. They can hydrate from oral fluids almost as quickly as IV if the GI is functioning properly. You can offer warm cooked rice, pancakes, cornbread, grapes, melon, greens in addition to normal food.

If she inhaled any water, she may develop pneumonia from water injury and secondary bacterial infection. If you have a bird experienced vet, the best thing would be to get her in for oxygen, fluids and glucose by injection, possible antibiotics, and tube feeding.

Expert:  Dr. Pat replied 1 year ago.
I'm just following up on our conversation about Karolyn. How is everything going?
Dr. Pat