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August Abbott, CAS
August Abbott, CAS, Certified Avian Specialist
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My conure was bitten on his foot by a lovebird. Noticed later

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My conure was bitten on his foot by a lovebird. Noticed later that his foot was bleeding. I let him walk in some warm water with baking soda. Dried him off and put him back in his cage. The perch has blood on it so I don't know if his foot will continue to bleed. What can I do to help??
-- I'm sorry for the delay. I was called off on an 'urgent rescue' which, coincidentally (?) involved two lovies. What marvelous, sweet birds. I can understand your concern.

I would imagine that by now the situation has resolved, but since these things happen, always have some corn starch on hand. You can cover the whole foot in this in order to stop bleeding.

Once it's stopped - you want to avoid any infection. To help do this be sure that daily flushing of the area with plain saline solution (like you'd clean contact lenses in) - squirt right out of the bottle it comes in.

Monitor your little patient regularly to look for redness, any signs of swelling and make sure the area remains the same temperature as the other foot. If this injured area becomes warm or hot to the touch - chances are there's an infection and the sooner you see a vet who knows birds, the better the chance at a full and fast recovery.

If the area feels particularly cold to the touch compared to the other foot, it's vet time.

With this said, I think you acted quickly and prudent enough to ward off any complications. This is a very lucky little lovie!

Let me know how you're doing in the next day or two ok? Thank goodness that birds have a remarkably fast healing and recovery time right?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your tips...I will look out for the symtoms that you mentioned.

When you say saline is it the actural solution that you use for cleaning glasses or just salt water?


Can I use salt water?

-- Saline solution is what you use to clean contact lenses. It's pretty inexpensive and readily available (use whatever brand is cheapest)

It's much easier to pick up a giant bottle of this stuff rather than try to make your own which would involve boiling water, finding a very fine grain salt to use, etc..

You could use plain, warm water too, but for sterility the saline solution is better.

How is everything going ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your help. I will purchase some saline right away. Makes me feel better that I'll having something on hand to help if I find myself in this situation again.

Pepper's foot is healing well...used the salt solution.


Thank you again.

And remember you'll always have me ready and willing to help you as well. I appreciate owners who not only love their feathered companions unconditionally, but who are willing to listen and work together for the good of the bird.
Pepper might be injured, but you are sharp and on the ball. Lucky bird!

Please remember to give a rating so my overseers know we're happy with each other. If you ever need to talk again just put 'for August' in the subject line to be sure you get me

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