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My green cheek Conner just got its entire beak pulled off by

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My green cheek Conner just got its entire beak pulled off by a McCaw. Can he survive and if so what can I do to help

I apologize that no one has responded to your question sooner. Different experts come online at various times. I just came online and saw your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a biologist with a special interest in bird health. I'm sorry to hear of this incident.If you still need help, some additional information will be useful.

Has all bleeding and oozing stopped by now?

How is Bruce's activity level - normal, lethargic, etc.?

Thank you.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The bleeding and oozing stopped it was very minimal to start. His activity level is alright he seems a little more shy. But is running back and forth on the bed and back of couch. He still is doing his normal cuddling into my neck.

The beak by the way was an entire separation no pieces its one whole piece. It is currently sitting in a moist towel in the fridge.


It was very little blood like a drop or two.

Thank you for getting back to me. What a terrible accident! Bruce can survive, but you will need the help of a good avian vet. . A local vet who treats mostly dogs and cats isn't likely to be able to help. They will most likely recommend euthanasia. Here is a directory of bird vets:

An experienced avian surgeon may be able to create a an artificial beak. It's also possible the broken off beak can be sued as part of this process, so take it along. In addition, Bruce will probably need some antibiotics to prevent infection in the wound. A vet may be able to repair any tissue that was damaged when the beak was pulled off. You are on the right track with syringe-feeding but often a bird with an injured beak often needs to be tube-fed, at least for awhile. The vet can show you how.Then, soft foods are necessary, sometimes for life.

You may want to read the information on the following site. You'll need to scroll down to the section on loss of a beak.

This is a serious injury, so it's important to keep Bruce warm enough until you can see the vet. You don't want him to go into shock. You can use a clean sock, and fill it 2/3 with plain, raw white rice. Tie the open end and microwave it for about 1 1/2 minutes. Then shake to distribute the heat. Make sure it's not so hot that it could burn your bird. Put it in the cage for added warmth. You can re-warm it when it gets cool. another option is to set a heating pad on low over the top of the cage. Be sure to check it often. You want the temperature to be about 95*F.

You should also use some preservative-free saline solution (the kind made for contact lenses) to keep the injured area moist. Put a couple of drops on regularly until you can see the vet. It's most important that you try to see an avian vet quickly. The longer you wait, the less likely it is that your bird can be helped. If you have more questions, just let me know by clicking on REPLY. I hope Bruce will recover quickly.


My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back, I am happy to address follow-up questions. Please remember to rate my service only after you have all the information you need. Thank you!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is there a certain amount of food he needs to be eating?

That is a complicated question because how much he needs depends on how much he weighs, what the food is, how active he is, and a number of other factors. For today, feed him what he will take willingly. A number of small feedings is better than one large one. When you see the vet, he/she can advise on what and how much to feed after examining and evaluating Bruce.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I guess thats more what i was looking for, for the time being i was guessing but he is taking the food. Also i have his whole beak sitting in a moist towel in the fridge. Also how long should i saline his wound?

All the measures I gave you are first aid measures, and need only be done until you can see the vet. I hope that will be tomorrow, because the sooner, the better. The vet will tell you what to do from there.