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In a cross between an erminette rooster and a white hen, what

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In a cross between an erminette rooster and a white hen, what percentage of the offspring would have the heterozygous genotype? What is the probablility that a chick would be born white?
Hello again,

What information were you given on the alleles? Is the erminette rooster heterozygous for white and a color? Is the white recessive?

Thank you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
In some chickens, the gene for feather color is controlled by co-dominance. There are chickens with all black feathers and there are chickens with all white feathers, and a third phenotype known as erminette also exits, and these chickens have both black and white feathers.
Thank you. The erminette rooster then will be represented as BW, and the white hen as WW. 50% of the offspring would have the genotype BW and the phenotype erminette. the other 50% would have the genotype WW and would be white, so the probability is that half the offspring should be white in color.

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