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My healthy, beautiful canary died this morning, out of the

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My healthy, beautiful canary died this morning, out of the blue. NO signs of anything wrong, Why did he die?? I cannot understand it.

I'm so sorry for your loss. It is especially devastating when it's sudden like this.

Some additional information may help me figure out what might have happened.

Did you find your canary dead this morning, or did he suddenly drop over? Describe anything you saw happen, or anything unusual on the body.

Were his feathers fluffed up?

Had he had any runny droppings?

Is there any other information that may help?

Thank you.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for responding. He was playful last night and he ate fine yesterday and was active. He and I chirped back and forth for quite a while. His color is perfect, feathers were fine, beak looked a little darker since yesterday, has normal droppings and even ate some clean fresh broccoli yesterday afternoon.

My husband had breakfast with our son around 7:30-8:00 am this morning. He heard a thump sound from the cage but his cover was still on the cage and he thought Sunny was just playing or jumping to the bottom of the cage. Later, when I got up, I uncovered him and he was a the bottom of the cage, not moving.

The ONLY thing I have noticed is from time to time, he would sit at one bottom corner of his cage and just sit there. However, later in the day, he would jump and play and eat, drink as normal. Nothing to make me worry. I play with him a lot and spend time at his cage every single day.

I hope you have some input for me as I am so upset about him dying. He looked so good and healthy.
A beautiful canary. Thank you.
Thank you for getting back to me. I'm working on your answer, and will post it as soon as it is typed up. I appreciate your patience.

Please don't reply to this post as that can lock me out so I won't be able to post your answer.

I'll be back shortly.

Thank you for waiting. There's no way to be certain of the cause of her death without having a vet do a necropsy - and even that doesn't always give certain results. However, when a bird dies suddenly, without showing symptoms, the most likely cause of death is a heart condition. Birds can have conditions, such as cardiomyopathy, that cause no symptoms, but suddenly the heart just stops beating. Many times such conditions are inherited. It's similar to what we see when a young human athlete dies suddenly on the field.

Another cause of sudden death is that a bird may become frightened at night and fly into the side of the cage, causing an injury. One sign of internal bleeding can be a change in beak color to a dark reddish-black. This wouldn't necessarily be fatal until after bleeding had occurred for awhile. I think this is less likely, but is possible.

Most other causes of death would have presented with some symptoms - breathing difficulties, appetite loss, fluffed up feathers, etc. Since you saw none of that, the problem was most likely in his heart.

Regardless of what happened, there would have been nothing you could have done to prevent it. There were no symptoms, and it happened suddenly. If you have more questions, just let me know by clicking on REPLY. I know words don't really help, but all I can do is offer you my sympathy. I hope that in time your good memories of your little canary will replace the pain you feel now.I'm sure he knew he was loved very much.

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