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How long does it take fledgling society finches to learn to

Customer Question

How long does it take fledgling society finches to learn to fly? mine is 4 weeks old and flutters from bottom of cage,hops, and preens, and is still fed by parents. He "falls" out of nest daily but I put him in at night. He looks as if he still has some down on him and reg. feathers but not all feathers. Is this all normal?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Bird
Expert:  Anna replied 7 years ago.

Baby finches go through several stages of development. They are fledglings when they come out of the nest. Yours are at that stage now, and the behaviors you're seeing are normal. They're learning to fly and eat, but still depend on their parents. They will gradually get better at daily activities. When they are flying well, and eating on their own, they are considered juveniles. The parents will probably stop feeding them then, and may even peck them to chase them away. That's the minimum age for going to a new home. Many finch breeders like to keep the juveniles in a cage together - separate from the parents - until they undergo their first molt to adult plumage. You can read more about chick development, weaning, and sending to new homes at the following site:

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