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Bird Brains
Bird Brains, Songbird Rehabilitator
Category: Bird
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Experience:  B.S in Biology, 10 years of experience raising and releasing wild songbirds, volunteered with vets
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our cockatiel is vomiting right after he eats something.

Resolved Question:

our cockatiel is "vomiting" right after he eats something. he otherwise seems fine. its been just today that he has been doing this.
what could the problem be?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Bird
Expert:  Bird Brains replied 7 years ago.

Hello...firstly i would like to ask some questions in regards XXXXX XXXXX birds food and behavior...


what is the birds diet?


is there anything new about the birds food, water, cage, environment?


what color ar the birds droppings?


does the bird seem active?


do the feathers on his face seem tight and clumped from fluids?


when he "vomits"...does the bird flick his head side to side or a simple forward typical movement?


how is his water consumption?

Expert:  Bird Brains replied 7 years ago.

some additional follow up questions are:


did he have access to anything naughty around the house for the holidays poinsettias for instance?


is he puffed up?


is he breathing through the mouth?


does he seem like hes strugglig to breath?


I know this is not a normal behavior for him but does he seem okay otherwise?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

yes he tries to eat but then throws it up with in 5 - 10 minutes

he hasn't got into anything around the house only thing new was a seed stick and he has had those many times in the past.

it has been removed from his cage

he puffs up after he throws up but then settle downs and no problem breathing

Expert:  Bird Brains replied 7 years ago.
when he throws up is his head moving in a forward thrusing motion or is he shaking his head violently?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
more of the shaking his head then forward thrusting
Expert:  Bird Brains replied 7 years ago.

By the sounds of it we can rule out that your pet is regurgitating and is in fact vomiting. This can be caused by a number of issues and your judgment as a pet owner will definitely be key to your birds well being. I am usually suspect of new introductions to a pets environment...especially with a bird of your pets age. Removal of the new seed stick was a good idea. Your answer that your pet has not gotten into anything naughty accidentally are important to rule out accidental poisoning. This can be from a number of things from the new seed stick that could have been contaminated to use of pesticides around the home. If the birds droppings appear different than normal especially dark green or clear, excess liquid etc the bird needs to be taken to a vet because he may have a poison in his system or a crop infection. Keep an eye on him, make sure he is warm if his condition worses or he continues to vomit tomorrow you should seek a vet. Feel free to reply to this answer after pressing the green "accept" button for any follow up. Let me know how he is doing over the next day or so. : )

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