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how do i keep birds from building nests on my patio

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many birds are coming on my covered patio and making nests on top of the window frames and on top of the outside light. How can I stop them from doing this? I have a beautiful yard with many trees to make nests in, but they are destroying my patio and we cannot even sit on the patio without first spending an hour cleaning up all their mess every day.
Usually the best way is to fix the sites they are using so that they cannot build a nest there.
Boxing in a light fixture, putting screening above the window or a slanted board so there is no ledge available etc. With a board you can use something such as clapboard with the wide end down and the narrow end up to make the ledge above the window or door unusable for the birds.
Some people just go out and knock down the nests daily until the birds are discouraged.
Others give up and create a screened in patio for themselves instead of an open one.
I can't say I've ever seen the ultrasonic repellers work and I don't think the water scarecrow would work in this instance but you can check it out here
and you will see some more bird repellent products in the sidebar listing on that page.
Hope this helps you!
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