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My sisters American bulldog bit my daughter's friend in the

Customer Question

my sisters American bulldog bit my daughter's friend in the face this evening at my parents house . (Completely out of the norm) think the victim is 17 ambulance came and police, she went to er, She's getting stitches in her upper lip. Who can be sued ? Who is responsible? Who's liable my daughter is 18. Does Florida law require that the dog be put Down. My parents own 5 rental properties. does there homeowners insurance cover this incase of lawsuit?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  richanne96 replied 9 months ago.

A dog owner is generally responsible if her dog bites someone. Since your daughter is an adult, she will be responsible for the damages. Generally, a dog is not required to be put down after an isolated bite, including under Georgia law. If the damages from the bite were more severe, Georgia law may classify it as a "dangerous dog," in which case your daughter would be "strictly liable" for any damages from a future bite. Your parents' homeowners insurance usually would cover this if your sister lives in the house where the bite occurred - it is impossible to know for certain without seeing the policy.