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I am a Victim of Domestic and a Cancer Survivor that is

Customer Question

I am a Victim of Domestic and a Cancer Survivor that is dealing with the side effects
of a broken jaw, and concussions. I have been separated from the husband for 7 years.
I dealt with my Cancer and got back to work and school. I got hurt on my job going
on two years ago. I gave my former employer my papers from the Emergency Room
at Mount Carmel East Hospital, only to get fired on the spot. I have attorney's trying,
but got my injuries worse with infection. I got some Worker's Compensation and some
Unemployment Compensation, but haven't got anything for months. I am living off
of help from my church and the Food Pantry as I try to get back to work.
I have Permanent Damage to my left foot, left knee and left hand due to being too
long on crutches. Orthopedic One did me a grave service being worried about
Hearings and not my care. I had to take my own Ortho Boot off and care for my
skin infections with my Primary Care Doctors help with antibiotics. I need help with
getting back to work with Orthopedic Shoes, special inserts, a left brace for foot and
hand. I have even gotten Homeless due to this situation. Which I would like help with to find an apartment. I use a cane as I need to for pain. Please help as I try to get back to new employment. My Bureau Worker's Compensation Claim Number is ***** 14-840121. My attorney for Bureau of Worker's Compensation is Nager, Romaine, Schneiber Co. *****, Cleveland, Ohio 44132, www. I have appealed to Unemployment stating that Ohio Comp told me to file since I wasn't getting any BWC.
I am homeless and trying to get back to work and school with permanent injuries due to this mess. I am asking for them to fix what they hurt, fix my Eviction Status that they
caused. I have had to sell everything that I had to live on. They can replace what I
had to sell since I was supposed to get what I needed to heal and get back to
another job. Please help with this. If you can help further -Please help with husband that broke my jaw. I am having to file transcripts with the IRS and amendments since
I have a feeling he is still filing me as a dependent and making me an IRS bill to pay.
I don't think I can have a $5,000.00 bill with the IRS, when I'm not being able to work.
I realize this is a big order to ask help on, but it's a bigger one to have to handle on my own. Doctors have told me to ask you to help since this is taking a big toll on my health.
Please help. Thank you.
Diane *. *********
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Samuel-II replied 1 year ago.


This is Samuel and I will discuss this and I am not certain I can address all of your concerns, however, please tell me were you a victim of domestic violence that has been reported to the police and was there a conviction to your abuser?

Expert:  Samuel-II replied 1 year ago.

If yes, and there was a conviction, I suggest you might want to consider contact the Ohio Victim's Compensation Board. It offers help in many different ways and as victim you could be entitled to some of the money and/or services provided.

You can review this link