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What are the laws concerning the MD's obligation to their

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What are the laws concerning the MD's obligation to their patient, as it relates to informing patient of the truth of a serious errors the MD committed & which results in patient's total loss of health: rendered fully disabled-->very seriously ill, import body wide shut down due to severe insult to body during eliciting event & patient suffers more injuries by other physicians trying to figure out how to help her because the M.D. who started problem hides facts of what he did. Patient is not made ultimately aware of what occurred to her until eight years have passed by this point she is a homebound /fully disabled shell of her former self / now a drain on society, [on Social Security disability by the time she's 42]she once contributed to her community in many positive & wonderful ways: she was an active vibrant & extremely successful business owner Who employed very happy, well cared for & excellently compensated employees [Great salary benefits 401(k) health care profit-sharing etc... All of that gone now once her health began to fail she could no longer work family went through a four-year period of living off of all their assets leaving them in a very precarious financial situation fortunately they have their home and they are very grateful for that they live from month-to-month now but they are grateful for that too] success of business was so great she was primary breadwinner and source of all family benefits (i.e. healthcare retirementfor her and her husband & college fundfor their children all destroyed as noted earlier) In this example, the MD is able to hide facts related to acts committed because the patient passes out on OR table 2° to massive hemorrage during the delivery of twins & patient is not given a blood transfusion. It is many years later when patient learns that young anesthesiologist was urging The senior surgeon V OB GYN to allow him to call code for EM blood However OB told him no; anesthesia MD therefore infused patient with 4.5 L of saline that was on his cart in attempt to bring her blood pressure up however the red blood cells needed were absent of course ultimately ischemic damage to central nervous system results. From beginning mother/patient begins the process of destruction of critical control areas within the brain this is a slow process as cells die & immune system attacks cells since they now look foreign for they are dying due to the lack of oxygen from her first days home with the babies in hindsight we NOW realize that she was suffering from early stages of destruction of the of the HPA axis This process takes many years to fully reveal itself but a savvy physician can recognize it earlier it would've helped if the OB did not keep blocking any attempts to find out what was going on some of the examples of what he told mother are nothing less than outrageous and callous. It is not until the twins are in second grade that we learn she has lost the function of hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis due to the ischemic damage to central nervous system
Be HPA axis is a super system in the body it controls the function of the endocrine system the nervous system and the immune system. It is an area where research is revealing more and more importance to normal body functioning which we all take for granted when we are healthy. When this system Is even slightly damaged a person is rendered seriously ill. It took years to find MDs who could not only diagnose what was happening but who knew the first thing about helping bring down the level of suffering: which is physical psychological cognitive and truly inhumane. The patient is now so fragile she cannot do more then exist within her bedroom six times a day she is given medications to keep her organs running the smalleat Cold can put her in the hospital. She can no longer be a mother nor wife to her family. The loss of the neuroendocrine super system which keeps our bodies in balance known as the HPA axis. this process began after the twins birth but took many years to finally be recognized. Even though there were dramatic symptoms from the beginning. The loss of all the endocrine target organs is a huge burden on the body all the endocrine target organs is a huge burden on the body the heart of the question again remains The heart of the question is do you didn't this surgeon have an obligation to share the fax with the family instead he chose to manipulate them and cover his tracks recent findings shocked us but the health of the patient is so tenuous that it is hard to think about what we can do if we can do anything about this horrendous individual knowledge without the critical knowledge that she hemorrhaged she and her husband were unable to guide any physicians who tried to help her; sadly some of their ministrations end up hurting our patient creating even more of a physiologic wreck of this once healthy individual. The patient/mother (now of 4 children) remains unconscious for first 3 days of the twins lives during that time another physician runs labs this show mother's 24 hour postpartum hemoglobin equaled 6.25… honestly shocking that this woman even survived to ultimately awaken and begin suffering the consequences of the acts committed by surgeon she trusted. When he tells her what happened, on twins fourth day of life, she learns that she passed out in the OR because " You lost just a little bit more blood than we normally like to see, however you are going to be just fine." She would not be able to remember this quote it was in answer to her husband's question, "what happened is she going to be all right?" Husband was ignored and sat by wife's side as long as he could each day but he had to get home to take care of their other children. Patient in this situation was a very healthy 35-year-old woman trim fit regular exercise excellent diet excellent health. Took care of herself extremely well during the pregnancy so much so that when babies were born at 36 weeks they were both within the length & weight of 40 week neonates( c-section was necessary only because VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Caesarian) deemed unwise by ACOG (American College obstetrics gynecology) for any woman who is pregnant with twins after having previous child (born seven years earlier) delivered via C-section). She is given epidural she sees 1st her son then her daughter held up hears them cry but within less than 10 minutes she is has lost consciousness on the OR table; she does not know why (And she will not know why for MANY years to come until finally diagnosed by a compassionate and caring MD Who sees what 25 previous doctors could not see. For the patient tried to get help from the beginning and was either told nothing was wrong with her or they didn't know what was wrong by the medical community ; however, in some cases sadly it has come to light that she was lied too on many occasions some of the examples of what she was told are honestly nauseating to any decent individual. It is not necessary for people to have any medical knowledge to be horrified by the things this woman was told and what she has gone through for over a decade. This past March of 2015, while checking for the results of an important lab test that had to be sent to the mayo clinic because her condition is both rare and complex her family came across two documents in her patient portal records which reveals that they were lied to even more than they realized on the day that the mother and her family's life was altered forever. These documents reveal a level of manipulation which causes the family to wonder is this simply a civil case which has no merit because the statute of limitations in their state is three years [even though they had no way of knowing they had cause to sue until eight years had passed from the date of the twins birth] These documents reveal a level of manipulation and cruelty which honestly to the minds of these non-attorneys seems criminal not civil... Please advise. For now signed anonymously to protect the identity of all individuals involved. Please excuse many typos/repetition this is complex and difficult.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Christopher B, Esq replied 1 year ago.

My name is***** and I will be helping you with your question today. This is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney client relationship.

Unfortunately, with it being 8 years later, even if the injury was not discovered immediately, the statute of limitations will most likely preclude any suit from being filed. North Carolina General Statute § 1‑15 governs the personal injury statute of limitations. Under North Carolina law, you have only three years from the date the medical mistake was made to file your claim against your healthcare provider. However, you have up to two years from the date you discovered the mistake to a maximum of four years if you could not have discovered your injury right away. Since it has 8 years, again filing a suit will most likely be unsuccessful even if medical negligence is present due to the statute of limitations. Even if the medical providers fraudulently tried to hide the wrongful and negligent behavior the statute of limitations for criminal fraud is 2 years in NC and 3 years for a civil suit based on fraud. Again this would not be helpful. another possibility would be to contact the medical board and try to get the licenses of the medical providers revoked. There would be no reimbursement civilly for this but if there is enough evidence it might be possible to have this case investigated by the medical board. I'm sorry to give you this news but this might be the only remedy left which will not monetarily help.

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Expert:  Christopher B, Esq replied 1 year ago.

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