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I went to get a consultation at cool sculpturing where they

Customer Question

I went to get a consultation at cool sculpturing where they freeze your fat. I went for my belly. when I went in the nurse told me the procedure would cost 2,200 for fat to be gone in my belly. she said they can apply for the credit there if I want. I was pleased with the price I told her to apply to care credit she then ask me how much do I want to apply for I told her I just want to apply for 2,200 for procedure she did that and I was ok'd so I made appt, I got the procedure done by another nurse I ask where the nurse was that talked to me before they told me she no longer works there im assuming she got fired her name was tracey.i told this nurse that she quoted me 2,200 after she told me it would cost 2,400 for whole procedure I told her again what she quoted me she didn't say anything. I took for granted we were on the same page her name was Christine. after procedure was done I went back in a couple weeks and nurse Christine was there and I told her I was happy with the results but I expected more with what nursr tracey told me. she then told me that to get rid of all fat you need two procedures done which would cost 4,800 which would be 2,400 for both treatments I felt that I was lied to misled. I then complained to nurse Christine that I only applied for 2,200 for treatment and they billed me 2,400 without my permission through care credit is that allowed I feel there not being honest with there patients and how can they bill care credit for more than I ask for for the procedure and they were not honest about that. I talked to nurse Christine about situation and she agreed with me that it wasn't right what happened, and told me she would call me by the end of week. I waited two weeks and called her back and she told me sorry that she hasn't heard anything am I right to be upset should I take this farther I feel I have been lied to and misled through this wholw procedure
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Christopher B, Esq replied 1 year ago.

My name is***** and I will be helping you with your question today. This is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney client relationship.

In order to form a contract, you must have an offer and an acceptance. The oral offer would not be binding if it was rescinded prior to the provedure. It really matters what contract if any you signed. If you signed a consent form that included the amount of $2400, then that is binding. If you only agreed to the initial amount of $2200 and told them that fact and they did it anyway, you technically should only pay the $2200. Many times it is much more complicated than that and it will be your word against the businesses word. You could probably take them to small claims court but it will all come down to what the contract says. The credit really doesn't have anything to do with the amount charged but the agreement for credit should control as well and the contract you signed will control. If you agreed to only $2200 in credit then they can not charge more than that amount on the credit account. They can still charge you more so $2200 would be on credit and $200 more you would owe cool sculpturing.

Please let me know if you have any further questions and please positively rate my answer as it is the only way I will be compensated by the site for my time. (There should be smiley faces or numbers from 1-5 next to my answer, an excellent or good rating would be fantastic.)

Expert:  Christopher B, Esq replied 1 year ago.

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Expert:  Christopher B, Esq replied 1 year ago.

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