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Law Educator, Esq.
Law Educator, Esq., Attorney
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Experience:  Licensed Attorney. Over 20 years experience in personal injury and law enforcement.
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The question I have is I was working police department. They

Customer Question

The question I have is I was working for a police department. They laid me off saying due to money. The rehired someone else without offering job back. Do they have to offer job back? Also I was suspended without due process no review board no write ups.
The chief called me in office yelling and cursing at me which I have on audio recording. The chief went to another department and ran my medical record to see what all medication I was taking. The reason I know this my personal file was not locked up and secure.
I have photos of all my files and records as well as personal medication. It is a small town and the mayor of the town rents a house to a known drug dealer I had to deal with her one night. She made the statement that she did not have to worry about me much
longer cause mayor had told her that less than two weeks I was laid off. We had to keep logs which were saved on computers and printed out! There are multiple times I went into work early and never compisated for my work even though I was on clock answering
calls. I asked the chief about if I would be paid for that and he stated no. He said I did not ask you to co e in early but yet never said hey come in a little closer to time you are supposed to! It is a four man department all other officers got to leave
the small town to go to nearby town and eat! I was told I was not to leave the city!! The other officers got to wear class B uniforms I had to wear class A uniforms!! The problem I have been in law enforcement for 15 years not a blemish on my file. Then the
town hires a chief that this is his first full time job. Me and my wife was going through separation I found out she was having an affair on Christmas at all times. I took three days off work. I advised him of situation I have never been through a divorce.
When I came back to work I told him I was not ready to be back I was putting my safety as well as the community safety at risk. He told me if I wanted my f**king job I would stay. While going through all these he contacted my wife and was wanting to know if
I was abusive to her? If I was on drugs? Or if I had a drinking problem? She told him no and I did not but considering the situation between me and my wife she could have easily have said yes. Also he went to my parents house were I was staying at the time
and asked my mother and father same questions. He asked them if I had ever gone to work f**ked up as in drunk or on drugs. Is there any action I can take against the town as well as the chief. The mayor told me that I did not get a lunch break when I was not
on a call I was on break. The other officers got to take lunch breaks!!! The chief also asked me to do some stuff thst was not ethical and I refused and that is when this started. Is there any action I can take?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
If they fired you for no cause, claiming money, and you were not protected under any civil service system, I am afraid that you would not have any recourse for that termination.
Also, unless you can prove the chief did this to you and fired you based only on your age/race/sex/disability/national origin, they have a legal right to terminate you for no reason or any reason.
Legally, you do not have to get a lunch break under AL law, especially since they are paying you the whole time.
However, out of everything you said above, the one claim you could have is working off the clock. If you can prove you were allowed to work off the clock without compensation, that is basis for you to file a complaint with the US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division for investigation into the unpaid overtime that you would have been entitled to pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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