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I had initially hired an attorney who had outsourced my case

Customer Question

I had initially hired an attorney who had outsourced my case after several failed attempts to get any updates/answers and an employee with the outsourced atty. was discussing my case at a bar with several of her friends....furious i had spoke to both firms
then i fired the atty. that I had initially hired. got a new atty, the outsourced atty. firm kept trying to contact me, they then told my new atty. that I would suffer for terminating them. I filed a complaint with the colo supreme court. The new private atty.
I had hired past away. ugh. my case is filed in West Virginia, however I live in Colorado. anyway, I had tried several times meeting with attorneys here in Co but no one wanted to continue my case, anyway before my private atty died actually the week before
I had a meeting with him, he told me my case would be settled within 12 months and if before well merry christmas he said . I asked how much he was asking for in regards ***** ***** settlement, he told me 20.2 million. well come to find oout after me calling west
virginia to try and get some answers regarding my suit/settlement the courts told me they didnt see any upcoming events with my case and they are showing the outsourced firm as my attorneys on file!!!!!!! after speaking to a couple more attorneys I was told
I should file a case against my dead attorneys estate for misrepresenting me, as far as what I have found out so far to date. then I had asked a question on line when another attorney firm e-mailed me back they wouldnt discuss any more of my case until I e-signed
a contract with them, they happen to be the other attorneys that are on the board/case file for settling this lawsuit, they then told me that the judge would not be rewarding any settlement amount for my permanent nerve damage, the fact that I have under gone
6 surgeries, the fact that I still bleed 24/7 after all my surgeries ( even though I had a complete historectomy) just one of my surgeries, that the judge is only awarding monies for the number of times i have gone under general anesthia. I have to tell you
I am very discusted with the lack of professionalism, integrity, that I continue to encounter with the attorney's I have delt with!!!! where do I go from here do I have to have an attorney going forward, can't I go before the judge and tell him/her my case
and get quick settlement? how do I go about suing my dead attorney's estate. I am now out of work on short term disability due to complications/ permanent damage in relation to all the above, not to mention the outsourced after I had fired them have filed
a suit against me/ or my pending settlement , not sure why they did nothing, and they have never returned my case records which I was the one who had hand delivered them to the attorney's that I had initially hired..frustrated christine by the way my case
is for the pelvic mesh sling....
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I know that even though my case was originally filed as a class action suit but according to the clerk in West Virginia one you have had 2 or more procedures done the judge automatically views the case as an individual case bycase basis, so how do I find out where my case stands?, how close to a settlement and how much, the original filing was august 2013, i also have my case number ***** needed. please someone with some professional integrity, just a sense of knowing that you are doing the right thing by assisting me in finding out what the heck I do from Here...........please
Expert:  richanne96 replied 2 years ago.
The first thing you probably need to do is to fire the outsourced firm, the one that is still on the record representing you. They will assert a lien against your settlement, but it sounds like it would be worth it. Right now, the defendant's attorney can not even speak to you about the case because the outsourced firm is still on the record as representing you. So fire the outsourced firm (in a letter in writing) and demand the return of your files. Insist they withdraw from the case. Once you are self-represented, you can talk to the defense counsel and find out where the settlement negotiations left off. Then you can take it from there.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There is documentation from my attorney that died during both Bacchus and Shanker as well as the outsourced Attny...
Expert:  richanne96 replied 2 years ago.
I do not understand - documentation of what? Do you have a remaining question?