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Daughter was admitted to hospital from dog bite

Customer Question

Daughter was admitted to hospital for infection from dog bite on 4/16/15- after antibioics had stage 4 renal failure discharged 5/5/15 still under Renal Dr Care (Kidneys not healed)- Under care of Hematologist- receives IV iron infusion 2X's a week -because anemic after Hemodialysis done in the hospital - Hospital nurses gave poor care:
Received IV vanco (rapid administrtion by nurse). Had chills/fever/nausea/vomiting dizziyand low back pain. Vanco level at 40- not checked before dose given, IV Zosyn- given-No IV maintenance-unable to drink or swallow; Mother told vanco levelwas 40, nurse told by mother not to give any more meds, call Dr report symptoms and request start of IV fluids. Blood work next day showed ATN stage 4 Renal Failure. Dialysis, Kidney biopsy, ATC Tylenol for fever given-emotional distress- loss 17 pounds - Strict I & O not done by nurses mother witnessed nurse speeding up SoluMedrol-made daughter dizzy- Anemic - blood transfusion- chest pain down arm- nurse refused to stop transfusion. mother req nurse report to Dr. Nurse told wrong symptoms- mother called dr gave correct symptoms, transfusion ordered stopped. Out of work since 4/5- no9w worried about job- now receiving IV iron 2X's week for anemia- outpatient follow-up with Renal Dr- Kidneys still not healed yet
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
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