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I'm a pro se plaintiff in a negligence case against a large

Customer Question

I'm a pro se plaintiff in a negligence case against a large drug store chain. The defending law firm has done nothing but lie break cannons change layers on me for odd reasons and misleading me on iimportant issues.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your post.
Do you have a specific question?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
How do I countermand them. Do I write a letter to the judge? They lied and told me that this particular large drug chain does not own or operate the store I went into. They pushed and pushed and forced my hand as a pro se I added the particular store where the negligenced happened and then before the judge even approved my am ended complaint the immediately sent in a motion to dismiss due to jurisdiction verification. It was a chess game with them. They also told me verbally on the phone that I could have more time on my discovery and then accused me of holding back the remaining demand portion. They know I'm very sick do to their mistake and they are taking advantage of my lack of legal experience. They lied. Do I add that to my motion that they have no grounds due to trickery of words, misleading me, down right lied to me?? What should I do??? Write a letter to the judge and explain how they have lied to me not mention the fact that they keep changing lawyers on me. All from the same firm but different offices. The don't file to change attorneys the just write a motion and then I have a new defense attorney to deal with. I know this is wrong I think they should be sanctioned trying to completely mislead me. Aren't they breaking cannons?
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 2 years ago.
You cannot just send a letter to the judge without at least sending a copy to all parties, and there are usually more formal procedures that you can use.
Yes, they are required to serve and file a substitution of attorney if the case is already pending in court.
I think you probably need an attorney to handle this. May I ask in which court the case was filed?
Could you please describe what happened that gave rise to the lawsuit?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was given levaquin for a UTI. My doc prescribed cipro (not a good drug either but I had taken before with no issues) and the pharmacy recommended a change to levaquin. They called to alert me to the possible change but never called back with a name and the person picking up the meds didn't request counseling but in the state of my the must try at least 2 times to contact you to counsel you on all new drugs not to mention they changed my original script due to a possible interaction with something I was taking. The doc script was for cuprous 250 mgs for 10 days to Levaquin @500mgs for 10 days. Larger dose for this stronger and unbenonst to me more lethal drug without any discussion with me. This should have been a mal practice suit but I became extremely ill and suffered a lot of the neurological and muscular skeletle issues leaving me in no condition to think. All I could do was stay in bed see many many doctors and sleep. And I ran out of time. But ultimately the pharmacy made a judgement call that has destroyed my life. I was working in Silicon Valley had a very high paying job and I have lost everything. Missed daughters high school graduation all her games my son volleyball games his plays. I am unable to function enough to take part in family activities. I moved to ny so I could be closer to family and help my parents as they are in their 80's my sister was going through a divorce I came out here to save the day. That was who I had always been. Now I can barely mske it to the bathroom alone. I tried as hard as hard as I could to find an attorney but time was tunning out so my dad and I filed. He was a lawyer in his heyday and although he is 81 he is sharp as a tack but neither of us can handle the stress. I am losing my site and my neurological issues are getting worse. My memory is very poor. While searching for experts I learned a lot more about my situation and it made me extremely I'll. I think it pushed me back a year of phys therapy, new medications and a lot of praying. I learned that levaquin causes mitochondrial toxicity. A molecule of chloride was added to levaquin which gives it the ability to breach the cell walls and attaches itself to your mitochondria and multiplies and multiplies... Mitochondria have their own DNA and seek energy so they go after the large muscle groups in your body first causing microscopic tears in your muscles and tendons then it moves on to your nervous system including your brain and may cause MS ALS Parkinson's and who knows what... So we filed against the store inagainst this cin state court
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 2 years ago.
You cannot win a case like this without expert testimony.
Did you file the case in California?
Did you include a product liability claim?
Has an answer been filed yet?