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I was injured in an auto accident, I have brain trauma. My

Customer Question

I was injured in an auto accident, I have brain trauma. My doctor had retired and I was healthy so I did not need a doctor, when or if I needed one, I would go find one, not as easy as I thought. I am 66 years old. I went to find a doctor, first at the local Social Security office, who had list of doctors but not ones accepting new patients. Across the street was the Mason County Health Department so I went there. The same, just a list but no decision about any of them taking new patients. I told them about my PTSD so the lady said well go next door to the Mental Health Department and I did. I just wanted a doctor. I did sign some paperwork and then spoke with this person for an hour. It did not go good, she told me everything they could do, but then she said Oh you don't have Social Security it was cancelled. Well that upset me, so I got up to leave and a heated discussion happened but I left. This was 3 weeks ago, Tuesday, this is Thursday I got a bill from the Mental Health department for $661.00. I think this is some type of fraud. What is your opinion? Rick
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 2 years ago.
Hello, are you asking if you can pursue a case for fraud? what would you estimate your losses?

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