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I was placed in a cell in the infirmary and the co,s set off

Customer Question

i was placed in a cell in the infirmary and the co,s set off bug defoogers/ roach killer spray non stop every night, i was in a tank like cell in front of the c.o desk and nurse. the night shift (few guards) were evil. as they missed their rounds and didnt watch the camera on the 12 bed room a man killed himself and they rushed to cover it up, it was horror. they pulled the man out of the room and in front of my cell to try and revive him,i seen white foam coming out of his mouth and thought the bug defogger chocked him. they blew my mind and threatened to kill me until sunrise. special units came in and changed all reports etc. its a technique they use if they want to prity much kill you. the fumes get so bad flem builds up in your throat and they chant for you to puke so chances are you choke or inhale your vomit. 2 guys died the 1st 3 days i was there (middleton jail in mass) late feb 2015,,i was constantly videoed and am devastated what thy did, my food was sprayed or tainted also. google the above and you will see the story in news. do i have any chance of getting this video? my meds were also withheld and the salem ma pd claimed i never brought meds to the pd but on camara a officier brings me meds but the next morning before court they said i never had meds (5 arresting cops stated in reports my meds were gathered at my home during arrest) first time in jail and severly mistreated. please help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  LegalEagle1 replied 2 years ago.
Hello and welcome to JustAnswer. I would like to assist you with your question today.Before I answer your question I want to make sure that I understand what you are asking. I believe that your question is:"do i have any chance of getting this video?"
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Im sorry I dont know where too start as far as complaints etc, I am hoping to get video of me in my jail cell but heres where it began and some more info. i was arrested at home and my 4 medications were brought to the pd (i am on disability and need these meds or i can have a seizure or die possibly) . i was in a holding cell from 2pm on a Sunday until Monday morning and only recieved 1 dose of my meds sometime Sunday evening. I was up all night and missed 2 doses and the police ignored my pleas for help. Monday morning while getting ready for court they told me i never had meds brought to the pd and with wise tones tried too show me my inventory. my eyes were blurry and i was sick and shaking. I was then brought to court and TRIED to tell my public defender about my medication needs but he blew me off saying "i cant get involved with medications" I was brought before the Judge issued $1000 bail and my court appointed lawyer said he would call my friend and tell them my bail. This was around 11am. I sat in a secluded cell in the court house until around 4-5 pm still no meds or food and shocked my friend had not showed up yet with bail. I was jammed into a van and hauled off to county jail. I gave the intake nurse my pharmacy info and drs name as requested then i was placed in a hell hole infirmary and they gave me 1 of my meds and the nurse decided too give me a few others that i was not prescribed (claimed they were basically the same and they didnt give out Xanax or Ultram) for 5 days i suffered withdrawals and was harrased by the guards BAD. My friend tried to bail me out but was told i did not want to be bailed out ! Friday thank God my friend didnt take no for a answer and got me out ( i was not allowed any calls out even when i begged that my emergency contact be called) Now i wrote to a Captain at the pd i was at and told him that despite the arresting officeirs reports stating my meds were brought to the pd and i was given 1 dose Sunday by a officier (on cam) the female officier said i never had meds at the pd and went over my belongings and made me sign paperwork and drove me to court . The Captain wrote back saying my meds WERE brought to the pd and are at the court house. I asked why was i not given my meds while at the pd other than one time? And asked why my belongings like wallet ,keys were brought from the court to jail but not my meds? Im waiting for a response and forwarding it all too my useless lawyer so i have proof i showed him, What actions can i take over this? Thanks. ( footage of me in jail esp after a inmate died while the guards were tossing bug defoggers threw my vent at 2am will show them missing head count while messing with me and they were coughing bad over the fumes also, then a scramble took place and they pulled the inmate out of a 12 bed room and tried to revive him in front of my cell. they got nervous and were still coughing bad,ambulance,fire dept showed up and ALL were coughing bad from the fumes in my cell, a special guard unit came and they also were choking. I could hear everything and the guard said i was "the worst of the worst and explained what they were doing to me prior" ambulance emts seen how sick i looked and asked to help me but the guard said no and they all began to get their stories together like in a movie ,the special unit helped the guards get their reports together and decided to scare me saying they were going to take me somewhere and kill me basically, I finally snapped and told them all off and i really thought i was going to be killed (looked easy as i seen the other dead man) if i can get video (constant video in my cell and cameras everywhere) it will show everyone coughing/choking etc and i figure i might have a chance to file complaint against these evil people , I think they can mess with the cameras because the night prior i was holding signs up to the camera saying i cant breath and there are fumes and i want to talk to the sheriff (they laughed about me requesting sheriff) basically told other inmates to harass me etc. IM SHOCKED WHAT THEY GET AWAY WITH IN THIS SMALL INFIRMARY!

Expert:  LegalEagle1 replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for that additional information. I am still not clear in what your question is. Can you please state the question you have.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

1) how can i get any records etc of my medical treatment from the Jail and names of the C.O's on that shift (only 2 and a nurse) so i can file a complaint?

2) how can i get video footage of the night the guy killed himself showing all the first responders and guards coughing and choking in front of my cell? Cameras are everywhere including my cell. Thanks, btw todays Salem Ma news paper reported several dispatch workers became sick from fumes from the ventilation system. Its located at the jail and basically looks like they got a taste of their own medicine.I also have been in contact with the deceased mans family regarding what happened.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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