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Brandon, Esq.
Brandon, Esq., Attorney
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My son was hit by a bus in 2009. We have a police report and

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My son was hit by a bus in 2009. We have a police report and it was a bus owned by the city. At the hospital, the representatives of the bus wanted me to sign paperwork and get my medical bills paid. I refused to sign since I was really concerned about my son. I then went through a bad divorce and now I have bills I still have to pay that are related to my son's hospital bills. Is it too late to sue the bus company and city for my son's injuries?

Brandon, Esq. :

Hello and thank you for your question today.

Brandon, Esq. :

Are you online with me?

Customer: yes
Brandon, Esq. :

Welcome to the chat

Brandon, Esq. :

Was your son a minor at the time?

Customer: thnks
Customer: yes. He still is.
Brandon, Esq. :

You can bring a claim up until 6 months after your sons 18th birthday (2 years if not against the city)

Brandon, Esq. :

Since your son is still a minor, it is not to late to sue the bus company for your sons injuries.

Customer: OH. we are in california..
Customer: I thought that there was a Peronsal injury limitation of 4 years. but guess I was wrong.
Brandon, Esq. :

So it is 6 months against government entities and 2 years for private individuals.

Brandon, Esq. :

That statute is tolled during the period where a person is "incapacitated."

Brandon, Esq. :

being a minor is considered to fall under that category

Customer: Oh. I c. that is good news.
Customer: As his parent I guess I can't sue for emotional distress or pain and suffering because its been 4 years?
Brandon, Esq. :


Brandon, Esq. :

Not to mention, you would actually have to have been there to have any type of claim like this

Customer: ok.
Customer: If I have paid some bills out of pocket..I can still sue for those?
Brandon, Esq. :

Your son can recover for any expenses that occurred as a result of the accident. So, if you paid for doctors bills, gas to and from the doctors, etc. you can recover for that amount.

Customer: Ok. Thank you. That clears it up. Do they have any defense since it has been 4 years?
Brandon, Esq. :

Not against your son.

Brandon, Esq. :

Well, I shouldn't say that

Brandon, Esq. :

Only because I don't know the facts of the case

Brandon, Esq. :

so for example, they could try to argue assumption of risk

Brandon, Esq. :

if your son was running in the middle of the freeway, they may have an argument for contributory negligence

Brandon, Esq. :

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Customer: I understand..
Customer: thanks. I will do that.
Customer: I will now give you credit.
Brandon, Esq. :

Thank you very much.

Brandon, Esq. :

Have a wonderful rest of your evening.

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