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I am in a deposition where I am the defendent. Plaintiff lawyer

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I am in a deposition where I am the defendent. Plaintiff lawyer asked me a question and my lawyer upon hearing his question said, "objection, form" and plaintiff said "You can answer." What does this mean and is it relevant?
I hope this message finds you well, present circumstances excluded. The objection to form means that your lawyer objected to the way the plaintiff attorney asked the question. In most cases, this means that the lawyer lead you with their own words in an attempt to elicit an answer from you by placing words in your mouth that you would not have otherwise stated.

You are still allowed to answer the question because their is no judge present at a deposition to rule on the objection. Moreover, your lawyer probably felt that answering the question after the objection was placed on the record was not damaging to your case.

Since the deposition is on the record and since the objection was made, if the plaintiff attempts to use you answer later against you, you attorney can point to the court that the question was objected to and try to get a ruling on that objection at that point. In short, your attorney could try to have your answer to that question thrown out at a later date.

Let me know if you have any additional questions or comments.

Best wishes going forward!
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. The plaintiff lawyer asked me if I had any other car accidents before and I said yes. There was one and it happened over 18 years ago. This answer has been haunting me because I think it may have been my fault but I deny fault when answering plaintiff questioning. Do I need to get with my lawyer to see what corrective action I may need to make?

Nope. The previous accident has no bearing on any further action...there is no relevance. This is particularly true since the other accident happened such a long time ago. Rest easy my friend. It sounds as though your lawyer handled the situation perfectly.