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Can I sue after getting a cortisone shot

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Can I sue after getting a cortisone shot and it has irritated my sciatic nerve and im walking on a walker and have been out of work for now 2 months on FMLA


As far as what I've tried I'm going to physical therapy 2x a week and seeing my doctor for updates. I'm scheduled for a MRI on 8/15/13

Why were you getting the cortisone shot in the first place? Was it for your sciatica?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No, I got the shot for an allergic reaction
There are several issues at play here. First, you need to determine whether the doctor/nurse that administered the shot warned you about the adverse consequences and possible reactions to the cortisone shot. This is called "informed consent". You may have a lawsuit if no one ever told this before your first shot.

Second, before you file any lawsuit, you need to have a doctor connect your current medical issues (back/leg pain) to the cortisone shot. As such, you need a professional diagnosis.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My physical therapist seems to think that's what caused it and that's why I'm asking you can I sue. The answer is no to an informal consent of what where the I'm assuming side effects.

You need a professional medical opinion from a doctor. Talk to your doctor after you have the MRI done.
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