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Hi, I asked you a series of questions about the return of a

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Hi, I asked you a series of questions about the return of a security deposit on an academic rental. I have since found out from the health inspector in my town that this was an illegal rental to begin with! (Connecticut)I have served her in small claims for the deposit and in two separate small claims, the rent for each unit in their entirety. My question is about the laws regarding illegal rentals in my state. What can I expect to recover according to the law? Thank you in advance of your answer. You've been very helpful. Sincerely, SGH

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By a "illegal rental" - what are you refering to?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is seasonal (beach cottages) and the town health inspector needs to inspect for certain criteria to be met such as water, heating and sheetrocked walls just for example. She has not been approved by the town of Old Lyme for legal year round tenants. And I have a letter from him that would explain this to the judge. He was none too happy about this because he sees this kind of thing often. I have filed 3 separate small claims. One for the security deposit and 1 each for the two separate cottages I paid rent for. I wouldn't have gone this far, but she nickel and dimed me for most of the $3150 security and the lease is so skimpy that I just got frustrated and angry.

OK, thank you for that information.

I tried looking up Old Lyme, CT information as to regulations, fines, and penalties for violations of their zoning ordinances but it's not online. As such, you have to go to the municipal building and get a copy of such directly from them.

However, presumptively and generally, a rental that is not zoned nor inspected for year round usage is in violation of the law and the landlord cannot rent nor demand rental payments for such - it's wrongful and illegal.

So, when you go to court, ask for a complete refund for all the rent paid for both units (or all the units you rented) outside of the "season".

The judge should also fine her for renting the properties in addition to ordering she refund any and all rental payments you made outside the "season".

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