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I have been having nightmares since I lost my previous job

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I have been having nightmares since I lost my previous job and having increasing mental distress at my current job due to harassment and intentional provocation involving threats from a coworker at that previous job. He was my team leader and he began saying threatening comments at me that I documented and when I turned him in for it, I was fired. It was with the Department of Defense. I am once again employed with the DoD but the nightmares won't stop. I became so stressed out from it that my eardrum ruptured. Can I sue for mental anguish against the coworker or supervisor at my previous job? Or even the government for what they did?
Was there discrimination or harassment at work based on race, gender, age, nationality, religion or of a sexual nature?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes. I am gay. One girl knew that and she told them and then it started. The team leader started telling me I needed to go to church and I said I didn't believe in that. After that he started saying "One day, someone's going to do something to you." Over and over. I wrote it down and sent it off in an email after he kept saying that once it because a death threat. He kept blaming me for missing items and I said "I didn't move it. I would remember that because I am not some crazy person that does things and doesn't know that I am doing it Terrell. I am not a sociopath no matter what you think." He said "I've never killed a sociopath before."

Based on such discrimination and harassment, you may pursue a claim against the company. You may consider an eeoc claim or a civil court action. would you like a link for filing an eeoc claim or for a directory to finding a local lawyer to handle the case on commission?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes. Thank you.

For local counsel to handle the case, I suggest and
Counsel can work on commission which means you dont pay them until they settle or recover by judgment.
For an eeoc complaint, see
It walks you through the process easily.
If you retain a lawyer locally, he or she can handle that filing too!
Good luck.
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