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My case settled in mediation. The terms of settlement include

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My case settled in mediation. The terms of settlement include "The specific terms and conditions of the settlement are confidential and shall not be publicly disclosed by either party or counsel except as may be required by law."

The court has ordered the parties to immediately notify the court of the outcome of mediation. I believe it is appropriate to attach a copy of the Terms of Settlement to the notice to the court, and believe that this is not violating the confidentiality language of the Terms. Am I correct?
Agreed. As otherwise provided by law includes a court order. You want to alert the court of the confidentiality but if court insists you need to disclose so as to avoid being in contempt of court order. Good luck. I tried to expedite your question. kindly click on a rating of OK or higher for the answer.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for the expedite.


I am not clear. Should I attach the "Terms of the Settlement" at this time to the Notice of Mediation Settlement I am filing with the court?


To make the current order clearer to you, it states, "Finally, it is ordered that the parties shall immediately advise the court of the outcome of the mandatory settlement conference/mediation upon its conclusion… In writing."



I would advise that it settled and the terms are confidential. I would not release the document unless a written order directs it.
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