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In a federal lawsuit, i have two questions; 1) i sent in

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In a federal lawsuit, i have two questions;

1) i sent in a motion for a protective order last wee, then amended it a day later. I now find I need to either supplement the record with some information I did not include, but also with a defense i neglected to mention. SHould i supplement the record, or just amend a second time? Is it allowed to do so without a motion for leave? I am within 14 days of the first filing.

2) A Plaintiff i have sued, has hidden his assets and business dealings under the cover of his dad's business. His dad is a partner with him in 2 businesses, but not one of them. I intend to add the father as the real party of interest. is there anything else i need to do, some statute that has to do with real parties of interest? thank you

You want to do it on motion and get court order otherwise you risk having the court say its not before it.

You simply name him and note that assets were fraudulently transferred to him to hide assets and not in ordinary course or for consideration.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, so i can amend the motion for protective order again? "Plaintiff's second amended motion for protective order"? Or do i need to motion for leave to amend? its been 7 days since the filing of the first.

If the earlier motion has not been decided, you may withdraw it and file this replacement. If decided, which doesn't appear the case, then you would file a new motion, but here your new motion is replacing the earlier. I would file the new one and then withdraw the earlier one. All the best and enjoy the day. Kindly rate the answer "Excellent"
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